Confucius ek khaas Chinese educator aur philosopher rahaa.

Confucius (Chinese me: 孔夫子) (janam 551 BC, maut 478 BC) ek khaas Chinese educator aur philosopher rahaa. Uske pahile ke naam Kong Qiu (Chinese me: 孔丘) nai to Zhong Ni (Chinese me: 仲尼) rahaa. Uske janam Lu State (魯), China me Chinese Lunar calendar ke 551 BC ke 8th mahina ke 27th din me bhaes rahaa. Uske pitaji Shu Liang He (叔梁纥) rahaa, aur uske maiya Yan Zheng Zai (顏徵在) rahis. Jab uu tiin saal ke rahaa tab uske pitaji mar gais rahaa.

Chinese philosophy
Ancient philosophy
Confucius - Project Gutenberg eText 15250.jpg
Engraving of Confucius. The Chinese characters read "Portrait of the First Teacher, Confucius, Giving a Lecture".


孔丘 Kong Qiu


28 September, 551 B.C.E.
Qufu, China


479 B.C.E.
Qufu, China


Confucianism ke suruu kare waala

Main interests

Moral philosophy, Social philosophy, Ethics

Notable ideas



Zhou Era Chinese Thought


Dher Eastern philosophers, Christian Wolff, Robert Cummings Neville

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