Mali nye Afrika dukɔwo dometɔ ɖeka.

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Mali nye Afrika dukɔwo dometɔ ɖeka. Dukɔ ade ko ye lolo wui le Afrika godoo. Mali do liƒo kple Algeria le dzigbe lɔƒo, Niger le eƒe ɣedzeƒe lɔƒo, Burkina Faso kple Côte d'Ivoire le eƒe anyigbe, Guinea, Senegal kple Mauritania le eƒe ɣetoɖoƒe kpa dzi. Eƒe dukɔmenɔlawo ƒe xexlẽme ɖo 19,553,397 lɔƒo.

Le blema ŋɔli la, dukɔ etɔ̃ siwo xɔ ŋkɔ ŋtɔ nɔ afisi Mali le egbe la. Woawo wonye Ghana dukɔ, Mali dukɔ kple Sɔngai dukɔ. Ghana dukɔ kple Sɔngai dukɔ womegalee fifia o.

Afrika dukɔwo

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