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How to Use a Steam Cleaner

Steam cleaning is a fast, easy & efficient way to clean. This article includes all you need to know about steam cleaning, with tips & advice to get you started!


Dirty which needs steam cleaning, read on to learn how to use a steam cleaner

Did you know that you can clean almost all your surfaces at home with steam? Steam is the latest technology when it comes to cleaning: it disinfects, cleans, and deodorises. So why not take advantage of this new method? This article is full of steam cleaner tips & advice to help you get started.

Steam cleaners can be used on all kinds of surfaces, often including ovens, leather, tiles, mirrors, carpets, and windows – but not all steam cleaners are created equal. Check the manufacturer’s guidelines for your particular steam cleaner to avoid accidentally ruining a surface.

Steam Cleaning the House: How Does it Work?

Whether you’re steam cleaning a couch, or the carpet – steam is a new cleaning method that’s actually really easy to use – but many people still wonder how it works. The answer is simple: steam cleaners work in two ways, depending on the type of machine they are.

  • Dry steam cleaners: these work in a similar way to a pressure cooker, for instance. The water reaches boiling point and starts to produce steam. This process takes only a few minutes per litre of water. If you use hot water directly, the process gets quicker.

  • Cool steam cleaners: these machines work without boiling the water, so the steam is not hot, but rather humid. The disadvantage of cool steam cleaners is that they consume more water than dry steam cleaners, and because of the temperature of the water, they don’t eliminate mould and bacteria.

Steam Cleaner Tips:

A steam cleaner is an innovative cleaning system; however, this doesn’t mean that it is difficult to use. With this guide, you can get more information to determine which cleaning method you prefer, taking into account all the pros and cons.

Remember: before using steam cleaners, perform a test first on a hidden place of the surface you need to clean, and don’t forget to read and follow the instructions on the label, along with the recommendations of the manufacturer.

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Advantages of steam cleaning carpets, couches, and windows:

  • It is eco-friendly.

  • It disinfects, deodorizes, and degreases surfaces.

  • It eliminates mold and bacteria.

  • It doesn’t necessarily need detergent. Some steam cleaners require detergent, whereas others do not.

  • It is very efficient at eliminating difficult stains.

how to use a steam cleaner

Disadvantages of steam cleaning the house:

  • Even though steam cleaning is very effective on certain surfaces you should take into account that antiques, paper, cardboard, painted surfaces, and wood are vulnerable to this cleaning method. Clean these surfaces with another technique, because steam can damage them and decrease their value.

  • Although you can successfully steam clean a surface, you will still need to use a cloth afterwards.

  • Steam can burn your skin: always use gloves to protect your hands and take adequate safety precautions.

  • It is less economical than traditional cleaning methods.

Steam Cleaner Tips

When you buy a carpet cleaning machine which uses steam, it is essential that you always read and follow all the directions of the manufacturer. Take all necessary safety precautions to prevent mistakes, protect yourself, and get the most out of its disinfection and cleaning potential. Steam cleaning carpets at home is very convenient, because it means you don’t have to depend on professional cleaning services. Here are some general guidelines to follow…

  • First, vacuum your surface clean to get rid of all dust.

  • Fill the machine with hot water.

  • Add half a cup of soft liquid detergent.

  • For further disinfection, add half a cup of baking soda.

A steam cleaner needn’t be an unfamiliar tool in your home – they’re simple to use and can help you save time! Before you invest in one of these super-cleaning machines, why not borrow a friend’s and try it out for yourself?

  • There are two types of steam cleaner: dry or cool.

  • Steam cleaners can disinfectant, deodorize, and degrease all at the same time!

  • Like most things, steam cleaners come with advantages and disadvantages. Use the list below to decide whether it is beneficial to buy a steam cleaner for your lifestyle.

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