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What to expect in the third trimester of pregnancy

As the delivery date fast approaches, mums-to-be experience a range of feelings. Read on for all you need to know about this last trimester of pregnancy, from warm baths to birth plans!


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Key steps

  • The third trimester begins at week 29 and continues until you give birth.

  • Health checks will only increase at this point.

  • Always consult your doctor and a qualified personal trainer who has experience with pregnancy workout programs before taking up an exercise routine.

As the delivery date fast approaches, you’ll be experiencing a range of feelings, from tiredness to worry, to overbearing excitement. Below, we’ll explain what you can look forward to during 3rd trimester pregnancy, from what sorts of exercises can be undertaken to how best to prepare for labor.

Despite the imminent arrival of your baby and all the excitement and worries surrounding it, make sure to spend time on your own wellbeing. Rest and relax by taking a warm bath. To keep you and baby safe, make sure the water isn’t too hot.

3rd trimester pregnancy: Symptoms

When does third trimester start? The third trimester starts at week 29 and will continue until you give birth. In other words, months 7, 8 and 9 of your pregnancy.

By now, the baby bump is undeniable, and you may be experiencing considerable weight gain. Have a look at the following 3rd trimester symptoms you need to know about:

  • Difficulty sleeping

  • Weight gain

  • Pain on the side of your belly

  • Back pain

  • Leg cramps

  • Heartburn

  • Dizziness

  • Feeling hot

  • Swollen hands and feet

  • Stretch marks

  • Pain in the bottom

  • Braxton Hicks contractions

  • requent urination

  • Symptoms carried over from the first trimester and the second trimester

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If you recognize any of the above symptoms, don’t be alarmed. They’re perfectly normal, and a sign that your third trimester has started, and your baby is on their way!

3rd trimester pregnancy: Exercises

More than ever, keeping up with your fitness at this point will help improve your mood and energy levels. Some good pregnancy exercises for the third trimester include:

  • Pregnancy yoga

  • Pregnancy Pilates

  • Aqua natal classes

  • Walking outdoors

  • Dancing aerobics

  • Indoor cycling

  • Swimming

  • If you were a runner pre-pregnancy, it’s perfectly fine to continue running. But listen to your body and pay attention not to lose your balance.

Remember not to overdo it and, most importantly, always consult your doctor and a qualified personal trainer who has experience with pregnancy workout programs.

3rd trimester pregnancy: To-do list

The 3rd trimester pregnancy symptoms can be overwhelming, but here is a short to-do list to help you cope with any anxieties or worries that may surface during this period:

  • It’s time to start thinking about your birth plan. This means choosing which pain relief method you might want to use, where you would like to give birth, whether or not you want a cesarean section, and who you want there with you during labor. Though all this is very important, remember that plans can change. Be flexible and always have a plan B.

  • Keep a to-do list of all the things you need to have for when your baby arrives, from nappies to blankets.

  • Keep up with baby health checks and tests so that you can follow the positioning of your baby and be prepared for when she is ready to finally come into the world.

  • Make sure that you have everything stocked and clean. Use hypoallergenic and kind-to-skin products, such as .

  • Talk about how you are feeling, there is no need to hide your worries and anxieties. Speak to your doctor and partner, other mums-to-be and friends. You’re never alone.

  • Relax and make sure you take the time to pamper yourself and to do the things you enjoy.

With these third trimester pregnancy tips and information, you can enjoy this unique time worry-free. For more information on how to prepare, such as baby proofing your home, keep on reading Wiki Tips English.

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