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What plants are good for the bathroom?

Make your bathroom look fresh and damp-free by choosing one of our top bathroom plants that bring your home to life.


plants in the bathroom

Key steps

  • Spider plants are good for well-lit bathrooms.

  • Aloe Vera should be placed on your bathroom windowsill.

  • Make the most of empty ceiling space by hanging ivy.

  • Snake plants are low maintenance and can survive in low light.

  • Bamboo is the easiest bathroom plant needing little light and no soil!

There is no end to where plants can go in the home, and one of the best places is the bathroom! There's a plant for almost every kind of space; so, to help find the best plants for your bathroom, we have a list to help you choose your perfect match. 

Bathroom plants need different amounts of light to survive and thrive. Pay attention to the care guidelines for each of your chosen plants.

Indoor plants for the bathroom: Top 5 choices

From top tips to Feng Shui bathroom plants, to help you decide what plants are good for the bathroom these top choices have you covered. Are you ready to find your perfect match?

1. Spider plants

Why not try popping a spider plan in your bathroom? They really are a gift that keeps on giving as they help to remove impurities such as carbon monoxide from the air. Do you know what a spider plant needs? Here are our top tips:

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  • The room needs to be well lit, so only use in bathrooms which have an external window or Velux. 

  • But! Keep out of direct sunlight, it simply needs a medium amount of light throughout the day.

  • You only need to water them once a week!

2. Snake plants

While we’re on the subject of animal-named bathroom plants, snake plants are a great choice, especially as they help filter out formaldehyde often found in cleaning products. Do you know what a snake plant needs? Here are our top tips:

  • Snake plants are hardy and low maintenance so whilst you ideally want indirect sunlight, they can survive in low light too.

  • You only need to water it if it looks like it is drying out.

  • Make sure it has good drainage from the soil or it could start to rot!

3. Bamboo

Not just great food for a panda, bamboo is great because it can grow pretty much anywhere! Do you know what bamboo needs? Here are our top tips:

  • Place it anywhere in your bathroom, even those without external windows! It can grow and thrive in pretty much any light level. 

  • Pot with a few pebbles and water.

  • Keep its container full of water – bamboo needs to stay hydrated!

4. Aloe Vera

Growing an Aloe Vera plant is not just great for adding a touch of green inside your home, but can be cut and used for skincare, teeth cleaning and so much more. Do you know what an Aloe Vera plant needs? Here are our top tips:

  • Aloe Vera needs to be placed on a windowsill and provided with as much light as possible.

  • Only water once about an inch of soil from the top has dried through. 

5. Ivy

Outside the house, ivy can be a bit of a menace. Inside, however, it can look amazing! Do you know what ivy needs? Here are our top tips:

  • Why not put your ivy in a hanging basket and make the most of the open space near the ceiling of your bathroom?

  • Ivy prefers shade, so keep it out of direct sunlight in your bathroom.

  • Water once a week.

  • Avoid getting any water on the foliage when you are watering your ivy.

Best plants good for humidity

Most plants can absorb humidity in the air, which means that if you have a damp problem in your bathroom, plants could be a good solution.

Some of the most efficient plants at absorbing humidity include: 

  • Peace lily

  • Boston fern - this is also one of the top-rated Feng Shui bathroom plants as it can cleanse the air of chemicals. Read up on air purifying plants to find other plants known for this benefit.

  • English ivy

So, whether you’re looking for plants good for humidity to pop inside your bathroom or advice on where to place your chosen plants, you are now all set. For more tips on the benefits of having plants indoors and which ones to choose, learn more about

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