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Wikipaedia (or Wikipædi) is a wab-foondit, free beuk o knawledge (or encyclopaedia) that oniebodie can chynge gif thay like. Wikipaedia haes aboot 24 million airticles, but nae monie in Scots (yinlie 40,040).

Logo o Wikipaedia
Detail o the Wikipaedia main page.
Screenshot o home page
Teep o steid
Available inmultilingual
AwnerWikimedia Foondation
Slogan(s)the free encyclopaedia
Alexa rankIncrease 13 (November 2020)[1]
Launched15 Januar 2001 (2001-01-15)
Current statusActive

Wikipaedia is awnt bi the Wikimedia Foondation an wis stairtit on 15t Januar 2001, bi Jimmy Wales an Larry Sanger an eile.

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