Solar radius

Solar radius is a unit o distance uised tae express the size o starns in astronomy equal tae the current radius o the Sun:

Values o Units
6.955×108 metres
6.955×105 kilometres
0.0046491 AU
432,450 mile
2.254×108 pc

The solar radius is approximately 695,500 kilometre (432,450 mile) or aboot 110 times the radius o the Yird, or 10 times the average radius o Jupiter. It varies slichtly frae pole tae equator due tae its rotation, which induces an oblateness o order 10 pairts per million. See 1 gigametre for similar distances.

The SOHO spacecraft wis uised tae meisur the diameter o the Sun bi timin transits o Mercur athort the surface durin 2003 an 2006. The result wis a measured radius o 696,342 ± 65 kilometre (432,687 ± 40 mile).


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