Azwil d azamul immal yiwen azal ameḍnaw , yettuseqdac i tagensest n yimḍanen .

Azwil d azamul (amedya: "3", "7", "13") immal yiwen azal ameḍnaw (numeric value), yettuseqdac i tagensest (representation) n yimḍanen (numbers).

Amgirred ger azwil d umḍan am amgirred ger wawal d usekkil amedya:

  • "allelluc n gma", ɣur-s 3 awalen: "allelluc", "n" , "gma". Awal amezwaru yesɛa 8 isekkilen, wis sin yesɛa 1 kan.
  • "7820" d amḍan ɣur-s 4 izwilen, "5" d amḍan yesɛa 1 wezwil kan.

Llan 10 izwilen: 0 (Ulac) - 1 (Yiwen) - 2 (Sin) - 3 (Kraḍ) - 4 (uqus) - 5 (Semmus) - 6 (Seddis) - 7 (Sa) - 8 (Tam)- 9 (Tẓa)

Izwilen i nesseqdac d izwilen urufiyen, yekka-d aẓar-nsen seg izwilen Ihendiyen, Aɛraben mazal ar tura sseqdacen izwilen ihendiyen.

izwilen urufiyen

Ssekcem aḍris mebla taseddast n wiki dagi

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