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How to Organise a Laundry Room: 7 Clever Laundry Room Ideas

Learn how to organize laundry room spaces with our quick and simple tips, and make washing your clothes much easier! Read on to find out more.


how to organise a laundry room

Laundry rooms have a way of getting messy very quickly. Piles of dirty clothes, used bottles of detergent, and odd bits of clutter are usually the main culprits, as is a lack of organisation. But how do you stop this from happening?

In this article, we’ll go through a number of laundry room organization tips that you can follow to tidy up your space. Soon, you’ll have a room you love to do laundry in!

Keep your laundry room fully stocked with the products you need, such as Surf Liquid Detergent, and organise them neatly to make laundry easier!

Laundry Room Ideas for Sorting Clothes

Clothes are often the biggest issue in laundry rooms. They can pile up pretty quickly during the week, or sit around after they’ve been washed for some time, waiting to be put back out. To sort them more effective and create a neater space – as well as making laundry easier! – follow these laundry room storage tips:

  • Make sure your laundry basket has a lid. Without a lid it can look messy, and dirty clothes can end up overflowing out of the top.

  • To organise your room for quicker clothes washing, have a number of laundry baskets so you can separate your colours, whites, and denim as you put dirty clothes out.

  • Have a clear surface that you can fold laundry on as it comes out of the dryer. Then, have an area you can put it in, such as a shelf in a cupboard, or another basket, until you have the time to put the clothes back out.

Laundry Room Organization Hacks

To help you create a space you love, here are some tips for how to organise laundry room appliances that you can take inspiration from:

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  • Add a countertop over your washing machines and tumble dryers to keep things neater, and also give you a handy space to store your detergent jars and fold clothes.

  • Use a behind-the-door rack to keep cleaning products neatly organised and out of view.

  • Install a pole between two cupboards to hang up clothes as they dry.

Organizing your laundry space is a great way to make cleaning clothes a much easier and quicker chore, whilst also keeping your home looking lovely – so it’s all-around a great idea! Get creative with the space you have and use our tips and tricks as inspiration for your home.

  • Keep a clear counter space in your laundry room for folding and sorting clean clothing.

  • Use jars and behind-the-door racks for laundry room storage of your detergents, such as Surf Liquid Detergent.

  • Sorting dirty clothes into different baskets can make doing your laundry much quicker and easier.

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