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Moscow (Russian bhasa: Москва, Moskva), Russia ke capital city hae. Iske abaadi 12.5 million hae jiske kaaran ii Europe ke sab se barraa city hae. Moscow ke Prince Yuri Dolgoruki, 1147 me suruu karis rahaa. 1480 se 1703 talak, Moscow, Russia ke capital rahaa. 1918 me ii fir se capiatal banaa.

St Basils Cathedral
St Basils Cathedral
Moscow is here
Moscow is here
 - HeadSergio Sobyanin
 - City1,081 km²  (417.4 sq mi)
 - Metro2,561 km² (Expression error: Unrecognized punctuation character ",". sq mi)

Ii city ke biichme ek purana walled city, jiske naam Kremlin hae, hae.

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