Europe, Eurasia ke west me ek continent hae. Iske east me Asia jon ki Ural Mountains jon ki Russia me hae aur Bosporus, jon ki Turkey me hae aur south me Africa aur Mediterranean Sea hae. Europe ke west me Atlantic Ocean hae. Europe me 50 des hae aur isme se dher des European Union me hae.

Europe orthographic Caucasus Urals boundary.svg
Area10,180,000 km2 (3,930,000 sq mi)Template:Cref2
Population731,000,000Template:Cref2 (2009, 3rd)
Pop. density70/km2 (181/sq mi)
Countries50 (list of countries)
LanguagesList of languages
Time ZonesUTC to UTC+6
Internet (European Union)
Largest citiesList of metropolitan areas in Europe
Map of Europe

Europe ke naam

Europe ke naam, Greek mythology me ke ek aurat Europa se aais hae. Ii bola jaae hae ki Europa ke Zeus pakarr ke Crete lae gais.Ii naam baad me Greece khatir kaam me lawa jaat rahaa. Jab aur jagah jiske aaj kal Europe bola jaae hae me city aur empire bane lagaa tab Ural phaarr ke west ke sab jagah ke Europe bolaa jaae lagaa.


Europe ke lamba itihaas hae aur iske khaas era me baata jaae sake hae, jisme hae:

  • Pre-historic (Paleolithic, Mesolithic Neolithic) - 2,600,000 years ago to 5000
  • Ancient Greek Civilisation (Minoan, Classical, Hellenistic) - 3000-100 BC
  • Roman Civilisation
  • Medieval Civilisation (early, high, late) 400 AD-1500 AD
  • Early Modern Era (Renaissance, Reformation, Age of Discovery, French Revolution and Napeoleonic Wars) 1500-1800
  • Industrialisation 1800-1914
  • World War I - 1914-1918
  • Interwar Period - 1918-1939
  • World War II - 1939-1945
  • Cold War - 1945-1989
  • Contemporary era - 1989-2008

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