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Teaghlach Canidae - (Beurla: Dogs)

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Subfamily Caninae

Tribe Canini – (Beurla: True dogs)

Gnè Canis

Gnè Cuon

  • (Laideann neo saidheansail: Cuon alpines, Canis alpinus) (Beurla: Dhole, Asian wild dog)

Gnè Lycaon

  • (Laideann neo saidheansail: Lycaon pictus) (Beurla: African wild dog, African hunting dog)

Gnè Atelocynus

  • (Laideann neo saidheansail: Atelocynus microtis) (Beurla: Short-eared dog)

Gnè Cerdocyon

  • (Laideann neo saidheansail: Cerdocyon thous) (Beurla: Crab-eating fox)

Gnè Dusicyon

  • (Laideann neo saidheansail: Dusicyon australis †) (Beurla: Falkland Island wolf, Falklands wolf)

Gnè Lycalopex (Pseudalopex)

  • (Laideann neo saidheansail: Lycalopex culpaeus) (Beurla: Culpeo)
  • (Laideann neo saidheansail: Lycalopex fulvipes) (Beurla: Darwin's fox)
  • (Laideann neo saidheansail: Lycalopex griseus) (Beurla: South American gray fox)
  • (Laideann neo saidheansail: Lycalopex gymnocercus) (Beurla: Pampas fox)
  • (Laideann neo saidheansail: Lycalopex sechurae) (Beurla: Sechura fox)
  • (Laideann neo saidheansail: Lycalopex vetulus) (Beurla: Hoary fox)

Gnè Chrysocyon

  • (Laideann neo saidheansail: Chrysocyon brachyurus) (Beurla: Maned wolf)

Gnè Speothos

Tribe Vulpini - (Beurla: True fox

Gnè Vulpes

Gnè Urocyon (2 Mya to present)

  • (Laideann neo saidheansail: Urocyon cinereoargenteus) (Beurla: Gray fox)
  • (Laideann neo saidheansail: Urocyon littoralis) (Beurla: Island fox)
  • (Laideann neo saidheansail: Urocyon sp.) (Beurla: Cozumel fox)
  • Basal Caninae)

Gnè Otocyon (probably a vulpine close to Urocyon)

  • (Laideann neo saidheansail: Otocyon megalotis) (Beurla: Bat-eared fox)

Gnè Nyctereutes

  • (Laideann neo saidheansail: Nyctereutes procyonoides) (Beurla: Raccoon dog)
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