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An automobile or motor is a wheeled motor vehicle for transportin passengers, that cairies its ain ingine or motor an aw. Maest definitions o the term specify that automobiles ar designed tae run primarily on roads, tae hae seatin for ane tae aicht fowk, tae typically huv fower wheels, an tae be constructed principally for the transport o folk rather than guids. Housomeivver, the term automobile is far frae precise, acause there ar mony types o vehicles that dae similar tasks.

Benz Auto, 1886
Ford Model T, naiseest cahr een olla Scotlain

There ar approximately 600 million passenger caurs warldwide (roughly wan motor per eleven folk). Around the wurld, there wur aboot 806 million caurs an licht trucks on the road in 2007; they burn ower 1 billion m³ (260 billion US gallons) o petrol/petrol an diesel fuel yearly. The numbers ar increasin rapidly, especially in Cheenae an Indie.

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