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Law is a seestem o social rules for ordinar enforced throo a set o structurt institutions. Law affects ilkaday life an society in a variety o weys. Contract law regulates awthing frae buyin a bus ticket tae trokin swaptions on a derivatives mercat. Haudin law ootlines richts an obleegations relatit tae buyin, sellin, or rentin real haudin sic as hames an biggins. Trust law applees tae assets hauden for investment, sich as pension fonds. Tort law allous claims for assythment whan somebody or thair haudin is skaithed. If the hairm is creeminalised in a penal code, creeminal law offers means that the state prosecutes an punishes the perpetrator by. Constitutional law provides a framewark for creatin laws, pertectin fowk's human richts, an electin poleetical representatives, while admeenistrative law allous ordinar ceetizens tae chailenge the wey govrenments exerceese pouer. Innernaitional law regulates maiters atween sovring nation-states in awthing frae troke tae the environs tae militar action. "The rule o law", wrate the auncient Greek philosopher Aristotle in 350 BC, "is better nor the rule o onie indiveedual."

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