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CALABARZON (/ka-la-bar-zon/) is ane o the regions o the Philippines. It is designatit as Region IV-A an its regional centre is Calamba Ceety in Laguna. The region is componit o five provinces, namely: Cavite, Laguna, Batangas, Rizal, an Quezon; whose names form the acronym CALABARZON. The region is mair formally kent as Soothren Tagalog Mainland an aw.[2]

Region IV-A

Location in the Philippines
Location in the Philippines
Coordinates: 14°00′N 121°30′E / 14°N 121.5°E / 14; 121.5 121°30′E / 14°N 121.5°E / 14; 121.5
Island groupLuzon
Regional centreCalamba Ceety, Laguna
 • Total16368.12 km2 (6,319.77 sq mi)
 • Total12,609,803
 • Density770/km2 (2,000/sq mi)
Time zoneUTC+8 (PST)
ISO 3166 codePH-40
Cong. destricts19
LeidsTagalog, English, Chavacano

The region is in soothwastren Luzon, juist sooth an east o Metro Manila an is the seicont maist densely populatit region. CALABARZON an MIMAROPA wur previously combinit thegither as Soothren Tagalog, till thay wur separatit in 2002 bi virtue o Executive Order No. 103. Executive Order No. 246, datit October 28, 2003, designatit Calamba Ceety as the regional centre o CALABARZON. The lairgest ceety o CALABARZON Region an the seicont heichlie-urbanisit ceety is Antipolo Ceety, wi Lucena Ceety bein the first. CALABARZON is the maist populatit region in the Philippines, wi a population o 12,609,803 indwallers.

The region is hame tae a host o important Philippine historical figurs an aw, maist notable o which is the Philippines' naitional hero, Jose Rizal, who wis born in Calamba.

Poleetical diveesions


Poleetical map o CALABARZON

The five provinces which compone CALABARZON are as follaes:

(as o 2010)[1]
 CaviteTrece Martires (de facto)

Imus (de jure)

Juanito Victor C. Remulla, Jr.3,090,6911,287.6
 LagunaSanta CruzEmilio Ramon P. Ejercito, III2,669,8471,759.7
 BatangasBatangas CeetyRosa Vilma Santos-Recto2,377,3953,165.8
 RizalAntipoloRebecca A. Ynares2,484,8401,308.9
 QuezonLucenaDavid C. Suarez1,740,6388,842.86


CALABARZON is hame tae 17 ceeties, twa o which are heichly urbanisit. Antipolo, in pairticular, is kent as the seivent maist populous ceety in the Philippines. A lairge pairt o CALABARZON is considered a pairt o Greater Manila, an Batangas is hame tae the Metro Batangas metropolitan aurie. CALABARZON haes a gross regional product o 1.65 trillion (at current prices), which accoonts for 17% o the naitional GDP.[3]

Heichlie-urbanisit Ceeties

(as o 2010)[1]
Antipolo11st ClassCasimiro “Jun” Ynares III677,741
Lucena1st ClassRoderick A. Alcala246,392

Component Ceeties

(as o 2010)[1]
Bacoor1st ClessCaviteStrike B. Revilla520,216
Batangas Ceety1st ClessBatangasEduardo Dimacuha305,607
Biñan1st ClessLagunaMarlyn B. Alonte-Naguiat283,396
Cabuyao1st ClessLagunaIsidro L. Hemedes, Jr.248,436
Calamba1st ClessLagunaJustin Marc SB. Chipeco389,377
Cavite Ceety4t ClessCaviteBernardo Paredes101,120
Dasmariñas1st ClessCaviteJennifer A. Barzaga575,817
Imus1st ClessCaviteEmmanuel L. Maliksi301,624
Lipa1st ClessBatangasMeynardo A. Sabili283,468
San Pablo1st ClessLagunaLoreto Amante248,890
Santa Rosa1st ClessLagunaArlene B. Arcillas284,670
Tagaytay2nt ClessCaviteAgnes Tolentino62,030
Tanauan1st ClessBatangasAntonio Halili152,393
Tayabas4t ClessQuezonFaustino Silang91,428
Trece Martires4t ClessCaviteMelandres G. de Sagun Jr.104,559

Special Ceeties

(as o 2010)[1]
Los BañosSpecial Science an Natur Ceety2LagunaCaesar P. Perez101,884


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