A bairn, wee 'un, child ur littlin is a youthie body, a lad or lass. Wean, maistly in ra west, is particularly usit for young yins. While a bairn is defined as bein a body afore tha oncome o puberty, a body afore tha end o puberty, a body unner tha age o majority, ur itherweys. Tha term micht can define a relationship wi a Pawrent ur authority feegur an aw, ur seegnifee group membership in a clan, tribe, ur releegion; ur it can seegnifee bein fell affectit by a specific time, place, ur circumstance, as in "we're aw Jock Tamson's bairns" ur "a bairn o tha Saxties."[1]


Tha term is ailsae uised doon tha northeast coast o Ingland, in Northumberland an tha east o Yorkshire, but wi varied spellins an pronunciation. It can be appliet tae ony wean who hasnae reachit pubertee.


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