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This report displays weekly pageview totals for all articles that have appeared among the top 1000 articles on any day within the past week.

This report displays weekly pageview totals for all articles that have appeared among the top 1000 articles on any day within the past week. It complements the existing monthly and daily popular article reporting provided by the Topviews tool.

This report ignores pages in non-article namespaces, as well as certain articles that are known false positives—no matter what their pageview totals. Expand the list below to see the current list of excluded namespaces and articles.

Excluded pages and namespaces
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This report makes a few assumptions that vastly simplify the process of calculating weekly views. As a result, it may miss a few articles that never quite made it into a daily top 1000 list, but nevertheless had a consistently high-ish volume of views over a 7 day period. However, this limitation should only impact the 'tail' of the report; you can trust that the ranking and the total weekly counts for the vast majority of the articles listed in the report are representative.

The Days in top 1k this week column reports the number of days (within the past 7, counting backwards from yesterday UTC) that this article appeared among the top 1000 most popular articles. This may be useful for discriminating between articles that are consistently popular and ones that are experiencing sudden traffic spikes.

The Total weekly views column reports cumulative pageviews for the article over the past 7 days, including daily totals for days when the article did not appear among the top 1000 most popular articles. Both of these values are likely to change daily, since this report represents data for a moving seven-day window of time.

The report is updated daily at around 15:00 UTC.

Last updated on 15:03, 1 June 2022 (UTC)

RankArticleTotal weekly viewsDays in top 1k this week
1Ray Liotta39796736
2Paresh Rawal30507003
3Stranger Things (season 4)27393797
4Sunil Narine27035773
5Robb Elementary School shooting24179017
6Sidhu Moose Wala23817203
7Top Gun: Maverick20777387
8Karan Johar17695643
9Stranger Things15164317
10Kagiso Rabada15115242
11Johnny Depp14677977
12Amber Heard13906127
13Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting13637227
14Obi-Wan Kenobi (TV series)12939987
15Top Gun12473167
16Val Kilmer11449637
17Tom Cruise11208707
18List of school shootings in the United States9390687
19Deaths in 20228964057
212022 Russian invasion of Ukraine8342367
22Uvalde, Texas8184647
23KK (singer)7446101
25List of UEFA Champions League finals7259527
26Andy Fletcher (musician)6985136
27Kelly McGillis6983877
28Microsoft Office6280687
29Millie Bobby Brown6232537
30Steve Kerr6043777
31Kate Moss6026597
32UEFA Champions League5880397
33Skathi (moon)5841837
34Carlo Ancelotti5620247
35Columbine High School massacre5449017
36Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness5369577
37Bhool Bhulaiyaa 25283437
38Mass shootings in the United States5260807
39AR-15 style rifle5182957
40Double or Nothing (2022)5033067
41Depp v. Heard4918487
42Matthew McConaughey4783187
43Jennifer Connelly4783037
44Memorial Day4671517
45Morbius (film)4565197
46Elizabeth II4447907
47Joseph Quinn (actor)4446925
48Elon Musk4349327
49Real Madrid CF4263607
50Jamie Campbell Bower4148445
51Winona Ryder4083437
52K.G.F: Chapter 24063827
53Miles Teller4060637
54Thibaut Courtois4028954
55List of mass shootings in the United States in 20224003637
56Beto O'Rourke3988775
57RRR (film)3983147
58Natalia Dyer3970626
59Everything Everywhere All at Once3889937
60Lily-Rose Depp3874777
62Charlie Heaton3813596
63Depeche Mode3798646
64Michael Peterson trial3791497
65List of school shootings in the United States by death toll3693287
66Stoneman Douglas High School shooting3657297
67XXXX (beer)3643077
68Vanessa Paradis3630587
69Karim Benzema3616016
702022 French Open – Men's singles3578357
71Better Call Saul (season 6)3548137
73Virginia Tech shooting3458127
742022 UEFA Champions League Final3412007
762017 Las Vegas shooting3388037
77United States3355977
78Maya Hawke3344805
81Ansel Adams3257667
82Sadie Sink3231575
83Elvis Presley3218477
84Noah Schnapp3214495
85Gaten Matarazzo3212687
86Nottingham Forest F.C.3180385
87Malcolm H. Kerr3168653
88Love, Death & Robots3111287
89Austin Butler3090917
90Fantastic Beasts: The Secrets of Dumbledore3088047
91Travis Barker3052487
93Gujarat Titans3007286
94Gervonta Davis2981017
96Finn Wolfhard2954987
972022 Men's Hockey Asia Cup2944677
98List of NBA champions2942187
99Harry Styles2923187
100Rolando Romero2859437
101YouTube Music2809747
102Tasya van Ree2803687
103Stranger Things (season 3)2802657
105Laal Singh Chaddha2784224
107Stephen Curry2780407
108Ewan McGregor2753867
109List of highest-grossing Indian films2739577
110Joe Keery2727745
111Jeff Gladney2702152
112Susan Wojcicki2697637
113Yasin Malik2697287
114Hayden Christensen2697047
115Second Amendment to the United States Constitution2696507
116Kevin Spacey2691076
117YouTube Premium2665487
118Rafael Nadal2662387
119XXX (film series)2662077
1202022 Buffalo shooting2649607
121Darvin Ham2633214
122Greg Abbott2628497
124José Mourinho2593137
125Stade de France2577724
126Liverpool F.C.2566167
1282022 French Open – Women's singles2552167
1292022 French Open2541827
131Video hosting service2524417
132Cristiano Ronaldo2524277
133Pirates of the Caribbean (film series)2520657
134Better Call Saul2505657
135Glen Powell2480407
138Josh Duggar2405414
139Ray Liotta filmography2392572
140Camila Cabello2380315
1412022 Australian federal election2375047
142Thor: Love and Thunder2370507
143XXX (2002 film)2358377
144Tupac Shakur2325807
145List of Marvel Cinematic Universe films2307747
146French Open2306577
147Federal Assault Weapons Ban2305607
148List of school shootings in the United States (before 2000)2304537
149Gorr the God Butcher2282606
150Jimmy Butler2243485
151Nerissa and Katherine Bowes-Lyon2232702
152Gareth Bale2227796
1532022–23 UEFA Champions League2186967
154Dunblane massacre2186036
155Jayson Tatum2151206
156Ime Udoka2150684
157Anthony Edwards (actor)2134047
159List of mass shootings in the United States2125817
160Obi-Wan Kenobi2119206
161Monica Barbaro2107527
163Indian Premier League2070677
164Eduardo Franco (actor)2048065
165Chip 'n Dale: Rescue Rangers (film)2045657
1662022 FIFA World Cup2029757
168The Lincoln Lawyer (TV series)2015067
169Stranger Things (season 1)2011015
170Joe Biden2009817
172F5 Networks1990925
1732021–22 UEFA Champions League1990597
174Russo-Ukrainian War1989887
175Ricky Gervais1988037
176Vinícius Júnior1985524
177Ryan Reynolds1982057
178Elvis (2022 film)1969337
179Microsoft Windows1966287
180Bo Hopkins1955994
181UEFA Europa Conference League1948105
182Henry Hill1946126
1832022 Formula One World Championship1941807
184Golden State Warriors1935487
185Venus (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles)1933962
186United Kingdom1933547
187Henry Kissinger1922767
188Moses Ingram1916975
1892022 monkeypox outbreak1912687
190Natasha Lyonne1911577
191Marcelo (footballer, born 1988)1909844
192The Staircase (miniseries)1901097
193George Carlin1898777
1942022 in film1892627
196The Batman (film)1889277
197Al Horford1873714
198David Harbour1865765
199Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold1864457
200Ivan Perišić1857805
201Tom Wlaschiha1848405
202Mimi Rogers1848137
203Forrest Gump1843723
205Johnny Depp filmography1828327
206Alan White (Yes drummer)1821794
207Sadio Mané1804605
208Vikram (2022 film)1796187
209Ozark (TV series)1793467
210A.S. Roma1778024
211Seung-Hui Cho1775706
212Kate Bush1768614
213Survivor 421762864
214Tom Cruise filmography1748387
215Tony Scott1746907
216Matthew Modine1745995
218Luka Modrić1732744
219Premier League1724837
220George VI1721627
221Stranger Things (season 2)1709225
222Lester Piggott1707783
223Caleb McLaughlin1707405
224Marcus Ericsson1701953
225Hell in a Cell (2022)1701787
226Andor (TV series)1695856
227Brett Gelman1695435
228Jason Momoa1691297
229Mona Lisa1687212
230Google Translate1683697
231Brownie (folklore)1669697
232The Northman1660837
233Sergio Pérez1660553
234Rupert Friend1656445
235Narendra Modi Stadium1654346
237Jurassic World Dominion1641407
238List of Stranger Things characters1640615
240Sonic the Hedgehog 2 (film)1635527
241Moon Knight (TV series)1635117
242Monaco Grand Prix1633896
243The Bob's Burgers Movie1630157
244The Lincoln Lawyer (film)1624477
245LeBron James1616297
246Zlatan Ibrahimović1609507
247Todd Boehly1608085
248Kourtney Kardashian1600997
249World War II1600037
250Willow (film)1594796
251Lionel Messi1583727
2522022–23 Premier League1583217
253Mass shooting1580676
254Grumman F-14 Tomcat1577567
255Theodore Roosevelt1574204
256Aretha Franklin1568007
257F3 (film)1566695
258Triangle of Sadness1558863
259Adolf Hitler1555987
260Saba Azad1552885
261Paul Reiser1550875
262List of Hindi films of 20221547517
263Orlando nightclub shooting1545317
264CVC Capital Partners1542953
265BBC World Service1540317
266Nicole Kidman1531517
267The Pirate Bay1515767
268Manuel Garcia-Rulfo1512657
269Meta Platforms1503917
270Novak Djokovic1503615
271New York City1502107
272Men (2022 film)1490837
273Toni Kroos1487564
274Dwayne Johnson1482617
275Manchester United F.C.1481607
276Dacre Montgomery1480705
277Norm Macdonald1479822
278List of highest-grossing films1477447
279Star Wars1469557
280Dua Lipa1469247
281Vladimir Putin1467427
282Flea (musician)1466225
283Marilyn Monroe1465577
284Night Sky (TV series)1460817
285Jon Hamm1458617
286Carlos Alcaraz1455046
287Clint Eastwood1452947
288Meg Ryan1451897
289Boston Celtics1451245
290Rajat Patidar1451023
291Katie Holmes1450387
292Estimated number of civilian guns per capita by country1450055
293School shooting1445814
295Chelsea F.C.1441737
297M270 Multiple Launch Rocket System1437676
298Anthony Albanese1432867
299Candy Montgomery1423607
300Kim Kardashian1419457
301Santa Fe High School shooting1418404
302Panchayat (TV series)1414767
303Kaathuvaakula Rendu Kaadhal1410337
304Mohamed Salah1406937
305Chief executive officer1405487
306This Is Us1402527
308The Staircase1392107
309Ted Cruz1391616
310Grand Inquisitor (Star Wars)1379825
311Pete Davidson1377027
313Robert Englund1375325
314Priah Ferguson1375085
315Gabe Kapler1366954
316Paul Bettany1358217
318Cara Buono1349935
320Michael Jordan1338287
321Luka Dončić1334904
322List of Better Call Saul episodes1330637
323Monkeypox virus1329267
324Android (operating system)1326007
325Bhool Bhulaiyaa1324137
326Taylor Swift1323477
327M142 HIMARS1320966
328Julia Child1318954
329Zinedine Zidane1312764
330Holger Rune1309063
331Joanne Whalley1308086
332Jürgen Klopp1306856
334Crimes of the Future (2022 film)1302477
335Joe Pesci1292534
336Charles Leclerc1289445
3372022 IIHF World Championship1286936
338Ethan Hawke1285905
339Billie Eilish1284787
340Olivia Wilde1283397
341Duffer brothers1283225
343Donald Trump1274237
345Ryan Dunn1265767
346Blake Lively1265577
347Star Trek: Strange New Worlds1262707
348Queen Victoria1260137
349Donald Cline1259007
350Aquaman (film)1258897
351Sukhoi Su-571257767
352Spy × Family1257677
353Running Up That Hill1256894
356The Flight Attendant1248347
357Bitmap index1245927
358Deborah Chow1239765
359Mike Tyson1239247
360Jimmy Smits1237875
361Raindrop cake1234987
362Steve Cooper (football manager)1233852
363Mary Elizabeth Winstead1231175
364Nancy Pelosi1229723
365Tom Skerritt1225225
366Elizabeth Olsen1221077
367Spider-Man: No Way Home1219487
368Jackass Forever1218507
369Under the Banner of Heaven1218467
370Ellen DeGeneres1218154
3712022–23 UEFA Europa Conference League1214897
372Indianapolis 5001214103
373The Boys (TV series)1213437
374Shaquille O'Neal1210017
375Jared Leto1208207
376Sandra Bullock1205357
377Amazon (company)1203687
378Michael Jackson1203347
379Heropanti 21199335
380Manchester City F.C.1197627
381RuPaul's Drag Race All Stars (season 7)1194116
382Eden Hazard1194094
383Sanna Marin1193673
384National Rifle Association1192034
385Iga Świątek1190406
386Senior Year (2022 film)1188017
387Java (programming language)1186317
388Lewis Pullman1184105
389Old (film)1183517
390Marvel Cinematic Universe: Phase Four1182527
391Google Classroom1177445
392Joseph Kosinski1177367
3932022 Cannes Film Festival1174896
394World War I1171987
395Scarlett Johansson1166917
396Hardik Pandya1164833
397Christian Bale1163647
398Uma Thurman1162855
399Priscilla Presley1159207
400Prehistoric Planet1154587
401Google Maps1153947
402Brad Pitt1152627
403Clark Olofsson1152147
404Marvel Cinematic Universe1151227
405Boeing F/A-18E/F Super Hornet1150866
406Angelina Jolie1145777
407List of songs recorded by KK1143331
4082022 Indian Premier League1139586
409Tom Hanks1138507
410Herschel Walker1133983
411Eduardo Camavinga1131864
412Laverne Cox1131747
4132022 Colombian presidential election1129363
415XXXX (album)1124857
416Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them (film)1123686
417Stephen Paddock1123186
418Félix Auger-Aliassime1123162
419Gangubai Kothewali1118617
420Keanu Reeves1118317
422Barack Obama1115737
423Lockheed Martin F-35 Lightning II1114536
424Elizabeth Holmes1113657
425Michelle Yeoh1110537
426Bigg Boss (Malayalam season 4)1109744
427George V1108977
428Neve Campbell1108727
429List of American films of 20221107867
431Roger Federer1102933
432Halo (TV series)1102407
433Mission: Impossible (film series)1099937
435Ronnie Hawkins1097733
436Runway 341097575
438Prithviraj Chauhan1096796
439Jennifer Aniston1094257
440Sex Pistols1092954
441Selma Blair1088124
442University of Texas tower shooting1086474
443Port Arthur massacre (Australia)1081225
4442021–22 Premier League1080396
445Kendrick Lamar1077067
4462022 Finalissima1076722
447Elliot Page1076687
448Lisa Marie Presley1076457
450Kylian Mbappé1072777
451Moon Museum1070941
452Wiki Foundation1070857
4532019 UEFA Champions League Final1069252
4542022–23 UEFA Europa League1067306
455Operation Mincemeat1065957
456Grey's Anatomy1065757
457Alexander Zverev1065062
459Leonardo DiCaprio1058177
461List of longest-reigning monarchs1051516
462Natalie Portman1048707
4632021 UEFA Champions League Final1047482
464English language1045717
466John F. Kennedy1045327
468Willow (TV series)1042146
469The Lost City (2022 film)1041667
471Richard Ramirez1037784
472Bosch: Legacy1037476
473Breaking Bad1037267
474Robert De Niro1035476
475Sarkaru Vaari Paata1033267
476Kris Jenner1032827
477Akiko Matsuura1031504
478Dave Gahan1027183
4792018 UEFA Champions League Final1022403
480Oscar Isaac1018137
481Edward VIII1017977
482Franklin D. Roosevelt1016837
483Sung Kang1015834
484Taika Waititi1013537
486List of James Bond films1011457
487Gopi Sundar1011265
489Downton Abbey1008987
490Magic Johnson1005117
491UEFA Europa League1004885
492We Own This City1004264
493Charles, Prince of Wales1004147
494Jersey (2022 film)1002166
495Joseph Colombo1000616
496Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald999344
497Kanye West999207
498Lewis Hamilton998767
499List of states and territories of the United States995357
500List of school massacres by death toll993684
5012022 NBA playoffs993275
503Joel Edgerton990855
504Vivien Lyra Blair986804
507Barry (TV series)985494
508Philip Rosenthal983816
509Soviet Union982827
510IC codes981651
511Mahatma Gandhi980617
512Mission: Impossible – Dead Reckoning Part One979717
513Ted Bundy979497
514Bruce Willis977637
515Severance (TV series)977507
516Timeline of the 2022 Russian invasion of Ukraine976437
517Gangubai Kathiawadi976427
518Watergate scandal974307
519Artificial intelligence972567
520Arnold Schwarzenegger970857
521The Mandalorian970246
522The Gray Man (2022 film)969913
523Nia Long968972
524Robb Elementary School968744
525Pan Am Flight 7967672
526Moon Knight967237
527Kaley Cuoco967227
528Kamal Haasan965365
530Rowan Atkinson964336
531Ronaldo (Brazilian footballer)962054
532Peaky Blinders (TV series)960587
533Caitlyn Jenner956177
534FC Barcelona953026
535Don (2022 film)952947
536Under the Banner of Heaven (TV series)951217
537Sonic the Hedgehog (film)950437
538National Basketball Association947876
540Kobe Bryant944937
541The Godfather944897
543List of countries by firearm-related death rate942463
544Bongbong Marcos941743
545A.C. Milan940015
546Alia Bhatt939987
547Rebel Wilson939037
548Timothée Chalamet938517
549Heysel Stadium disaster937573
550Microsoft Teams936775
551Michael Schumacher930404
552Leylah Fernandez930194
553X (2022 film)929527
554Bam Margera928146
555Freddie Mercury927207
556Michael Owen926834
557Abraham Lincoln925957
558Sutherland Springs church shooting923985
559Tom Holland922967
560Field of Dreams922553
561Cleidocranial dysplasia921694
562Andrew Tate919686
563Feast of the Ascension919302
564List of Star Wars films919016
565David Alaba918663
566Johnny Knoxville917896
567Jitendra Kumar916306
568William Shakespeare914927
569Julia Louis-Dreyfus913737
5702019 El Paso shooting912133
571John Wayne Gacy911597
573Online gambling910517
574Jack Harlow907257
575Anna Sorokin906977
577COVID-19 pandemic903867
578Albert Einstein903777
579List of countries by GDP (nominal)901837
580John Dean898143
5812021–22 UEFA Europa Conference League897842
582Colonel Tom Parker897236
583Christopher Lee896974
584Zheng Qinwen894613
585Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom893794
586Anya Taylor-Joy893347
588Yellowstone (American TV series)890394
589Ram Charan888857
590Chris Hemsworth888497
591Shanna Moakler888205
5922022 Stanley Cup playoffs888095
593Vietnam War887907
595Dune (2021 film)887047
596Robert Downey Jr.885697
597Robert Lewandowski884052
598Adam Demos883287
599Jurassic Park (film)882847
600Lorraine Bracco882343
602Acharya (2022 film)881466
603Ana de Armas880967
604Kartik Aaryan880727
605Paul Pelosi880453
606Jeffrey Dahmer879032
607Liam Neeson878497
6092020–21 UEFA Champions League875262
610Tottenham Hotspur F.C.874767
611United States Navy Strike Fighter Tactics Instructor program873895
612Leonardo da Vinci873812
615Federico Valverde870534
616Yes (band)869533
617Victoria Justice868697
618Eleven (Stranger Things)868055
620Jack Kilmer864375
621Channing Tatum864147
623Baz Luhrmann861625
624Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales861307
625The Owl House860124
626K.G.F: Chapter 1859237
627Tammy Abraham858662
628Christopher Dorner shootings and manhunt858624
629Roe v. Wade857744
630Boris Johnson857536
631Riley Keough856106
632American Civil War856027
634Muhammad Ali854117
636Bath School disaster852963
637Assault rifle852054
639Mr. Morale & the Big Steppers851235
640Son Heung-min850974
641Klay Thompson850201
642Ottoman Empire850157
645Ballon d'Or848185
646Jaylen Brown847874
648Kevin Durant845526
649Ariana Grande844527
650Kylie Jenner844347
651Erling Haaland844156
652List of A Certain Magical Index characters843015
653Uncharted (film)842957
655Karan Aujla841153
656Coco Gauff840902
657Google Drive839745
658Los Angeles838827
659North America837536
661Marlon Brando834197
662Colin Kaepernick833393
663Virat Kohli832493
664Steve Jobs832266
665Judy Garland830486
667Volodymyr Zelenskyy829767
668Michelle Williams (actress)827835
669N. T. Rama Rao Jr.827746
670Ahsoka (TV series)827005
671Marjorie Taylor Greene826954
672Escaype Live825764
673List of presidents of the United States825445
674Post Malone823216
675Florence Pugh823023
676Beast (2022 Indian film)822687
677Alan Turing821087
678Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh820497
679Malaysia Airlines Flight 370820352
680Ed Harris820145
681Winston Churchill820077
682Paris Saint-Germain F.C.819175
683Larry Bird817424
684Candy (TV series)816997
685Lockheed Martin SR-72815756
686Julia Garner815427
687Alexander the Great814767
688Helena Bonham Carter813406
6892022 Philippine presidential election812993
690Scott Disick812204
691New Zealand812187
692Rachel Bilson812005
693Star Wars (film)811947
694Bushmaster XM-15811763
695Princess Margaret, Countess of Snowdon811564
696Sid Vicious810882
697Martin Gore810252
698Tommy Pham810022
700The Bad Guys (film)806247
701Oklahoma Girl Scout murders805305
702Chris Pratt805287
703Pablo Escobar805087
704Jimmy Carter805027
705Vanessa Hudgens804426
706Taj Mahal804377
708Three Mile Island accident803387
709Martina Trevisan803072
710Periodic table802255
711Max Strus801052
712Luis Díaz (Colombian footballer)800262
713John Wayne800235
714FIFA World Cup799916
715Julián Álvarez (footballer)799592
717Charles Manson798894
718Pep Guardiola798765
719September 11 attacks798496
720James Franco798014
721Derry Girls797937
722Marin Čilić797732
723George W. Bush797314
724Daniel Defense797244
725Kareem Abdul-Jabbar796797
726Toolsidas Junior796175
727Morbius, the Living Vampire796145
728Kiara Advani795846
729Josh Brolin793822
730Formula One793634
731Leonard Bernstein793422
732Heath Ledger792796
733Eleanor Roosevelt791965
734Battle of Vrbanja Bridge790081
735George Washington789994
736Jerry Bruckheimer789605
738Death on the Nile (2022 film)789294
739Lady Gaga787887
740Ronald Reagan787717
741Kurt Warner787534
742Murder of Junko Furuta786907
743Georgia Guidestones786852
745Ku Klux Klan785585
746Brahmāstra (film)785271
747Assault weapon784745
748Jeff Buckley782804
749Rajasthan Royals781773
750Harrison Ford781566
751Ellen Barkin781384
752Jeff Bezos780777
753Kangana Ranaut780495
754Max Verstappen779984
755Jim Carrey779737
756Klaus Schwab779593
757Keira Knightley777847
758The Notorious B.I.G.777463
759Serena Williams777115
761Anne Hathaway777066
762Thiago Alcântara776601
763Frank Sinatra775904
766Nicolas Cage771017
768List of mass shootings in the United States in 2021769913
769Shawn Levy769665
770Heartstopper (TV series)766067
771South Africa766025
772James Burke (gangster)762814
773Mark Wahlberg761244
774Martha Mitchell760853
775U.S. state759014
776Jamie Hince758632
777Kendall Jenner758384
778Once Upon a Time in Hollywood757713
779Yuba County Five757562
780Erik Spoelstra757433
781Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order756523
782EFL Championship755292
783Sri Lanka755176
784Robert Kardashian755075
786George Soros754132
787McDonnell Douglas F/A-18 Hornet754045
788Alexander Skarsgård753177
790Justin Bieber751266
791Narendra Modi751116
792Patricia Brake750523
793No Time to Die750525
794The Book of Boba Fett750435
795Jason Bateman749337
796Nataša Stanković749163
797Windows 10 version history748834
798Jennifer Lopez748296
799Chris Smalling748252
800The World's Billionaires748167
801Jean Smart747931
802Steve Harrington747784
803Olivia Rodrigo747255
804La Liga744393
805Robin Williams744186
806Paul McCartney742496
808Udonis Haslem741352
809The Beatles741017
811Burj Khalifa740545
812Los Angeles Lakers740184
813Pat Riley740153
814Idris Elba739634
815Connor McDavid739342
816George Floyd739193
817Sissy Spacek738885
819Attack: Part 1737513
820Machine Gun Kelly (musician)737193
821Eurovision Song Contest 2022736914
822Jessie Buckley736373
823Jordan Peterson736327
824Avatar (2009 film)735417
825Will Smith734877
826List of Indianapolis 500 winners733782
827Peter Dutton733574
829Eternals (film)731577
830Chris Kyle731392
8312020 United States presidential election731294
833Carrie Fisher729985
834Jamie Lee Curtis729662
835Joe Alwyn728995
836Chernobyl disaster728484
837Republican Party (United States)728413
839Djed Spence727323
840Shoeless Joe Jackson727113
841Mandy Moore727053
842Jason Kidd726682
843The Backrooms726245
845The Black Phone725165
846List of countries by intentional homicide rate724873
847Arsenal F.C.724344
848NBA Finals724343
849Hailee Steinfeld722833
850David Letterman722474
851Becki Newton722167
852Kumail Nanjiani721773
853Ed Sheeran721724
854Tommy Vercetti721522
855Amazon Prime Video721205
856Casualties of the Russo-Ukrainian War720985
8572022 Texas gubernatorial election720943
858List of English football champions720674
859AEW Double or Nothing719712
861Kyle Lowry718933
862Gerald Ford718603
863Nikolai von Bismarck716922
864Joseph Stalin716825
865Al Pacino715675
86712th Man (film)714185
868Ibrahima Konaté714071
869Telegram (software)713875
870Anne Lister713613
871European Union713605
872United Arab Emirates713555
873Ryan Gosling712234
874Cardi B712075
875Euphoria (American TV series)711635
876A. P. J. Abdul Kalam711224
877Vinayak Damodar Savarkar710922
878Steven Tyler708622
879The Many Saints of Newark708442
880Union Jack708404
881Game of Thrones708147
882Kristen Stewart707634
883Jackass (franchise)707294
884Kevin Costner706615
885David Attenborough706495
886List of Stanley Cup champions705523
8872022 Indianapolis 500704873
8882020 UEFA Champions League Final704442
889Ms. Marvel (TV series)703314
890Lockheed Martin F-22 Raptor702984
891Alec Guinness701145
894Bruce Lee699816
895Yash (actor)699715
896Talulah Riley699633
897Milo Ventimiglia699382
898Twitch (service)699244
899Vince Clarke698772
9002022 UEFA Europa Conference League Final697642
902Lokesh Kanagaraj694633
903Mia Khalifa693452
904Jeff Beck693162
905Bradley Cooper693162
906Justin Hartley690653
907San Ysidro McDonald's massacre690273
908Doctor Strange689721
909Jane Fallon689214
911Avengers: Endgame686983
912Murder of Tupac Shakur686883
913Penny Wong685963
914Apple Inc.685854
915American Psycho (film)685733
916Ambulance (2022 film)685672
917Dakota Johnson685504
918Shah Rukh Khan685054
919The Offer684944
920Mission: Impossible – Fallout683821
921List of highest-grossing films in India683795
923John Krasinski683255
924George Kambosos Jr.681343
925Kaia Gerber681284
926Washington, D.C.681074
927Major (film)680492
929Outer Range680433
930Lex Fridman680423
931Darth Vader678384
932Emmett Till678163
933ArmaLite AR-15677953
934Rachel McAdams677392
935Lily Allen677024
936Jennifer Lawrence676673
937Lisa Bonet676304
938Bermuda Triangle675893
939Hrithik Roshan675613
940Wayne Gretzky675344
941FC Bayern Munich675073
942David Bowie674502
943J. K. Simmons673812
944Snoop Dogg672932
945Democratic Party (United States)672212
946Martin Scorsese671863
947Hunter Schafer671673
948Overview of gun laws by nation671633
950Sylvester Stallone670873
951Grey's Anatomy (season 18)670632
952Margaret Qualley670312
953Rhea Seehorn669932
954UFC Fight Night: Volkov vs. Rozenstruik669662
955Battle of Sievierodonetsk (2022)669633
956Everywhere at the End of Time669211
957William Mapother668714
958Emma Raducanu668671
959South Korea668613
960Chris Murphy668252
962List of ethnic slurs667973
963Dungeons & Dragons667804
964Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother667703
965Margot Robbie667002
966Czech Republic666552
967List of most-viewed YouTube videos666373
968Stanley Tucci666333
969Wayne LaPierre666173
970Voice of Vietnam665493
971Erik ten Hag664562
973Benedict Cumberbatch664072
975Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl663522
976Billy the Kid662682
977Seth MacFarlane661792
978The Kashmir Files661334
979Chris Evans (actor)661192
980Cocaine Bear660732
981Opinion polling for the next United Kingdom general election660322
983Liam Gallagher659602
984List of Grand Slam men's singles champions659121
985Nelson Mandela659013
986Sarah Shahi658784
987The Rum Diary (film)658404
988Gun violence in the United States658252
989Jacinda Ardern657953
990Selena Gomez657662
991David Beckham657373
992Ezra Miller657262
993Single-player video game657153
994Uvalde County, Texas657103
995David Cronenberg656943
9962018–19 UEFA Champions League656502
997Harry's House656302
998Bonnie Piesse655922
999Doja Cat655612
1001Bob Odenkirk653482
1002The Kid Laroi653383
1003List of amendments to the United States Constitution653183
1004Sexual intercourse653091
1005Mitch Green653033
1007John Lennon652372
1009Mads Mikkelsen652002
1010Albert II, Prince of Monaco651861
1011Ben Affleck651682
1012Deutsche Welle651432
1013Cara Delevingne651403
1014Greek Football Cup651301
1015'No Way To Prevent This,' Says Only Nation Where This Regularly Happens651121
1016Diana, Princess of Wales650732
1017Coral Castle650633
1018Xochitl Gomez650412
1019Turkish Radio and Television Corporation649622
1020Richard Nixon649573
10212014 UEFA Champions League Final649492
1022Platinum Jubilee of Elizabeth II649412
1023Bob Dylan648952
1024My Liberation Notes648802
1025Warwick Davis648712
1027Henry VIII647772
1028Prince (musician)647191
1029Mila Kunis646991
1030Ghostbusters: Afterlife645633
1031Generation Z645122
1032This Is Us (season 6)644752
1035Vincent van Gogh643651
1038Charlize Theron642801
1039Pistol (miniseries)642721
1040Kit Connor642082
1042Seagram Building641181
1043Aamir Khan641013
1044B. R. Ambedkar640653
1045Margaret Thatcher640542
1046Downton Abbey: A New Era640481
1047Harry Potter (film series)640413
1048Operation Mincemeat (film)639842
1049Lunch Atop a Skyscraper639671
1050Andrew Garfield639552
1051Jurassic Park639203
1052Mason Dye638954
1053MasterChef Australia (series 14)638462
1054Virgil van Dijk638391
1055Seven deadly sins637731
1056Mario Balotelli637482
1057Edward VII637253
1058Steven Spielberg637162
1059Jurassic World637132
1060Bob's Burgers636193
1061List of United States cities by population635951
1062Albert S. Ruddy635492
1063Dominican Republic635322
1064Drake (musician)634893
1065HTTP 404634633
1066Stephen Hawking634572
1067M777 howitzer634353
1068Kapil Sibal633622
1069Whitney Houston633552
1070Nazi Germany633522
1071Bobby Driscoll633412
1072Kevin De Bruyne633132
1073Geetanjali Shree632542
1074Sundar Pichai632132
1075Church of Scientology632073
1076The Banker (2020 film)632073
1077Asperger syndrome631912
1078Christchurch mosque shootings631823
1079Ryan Garcia630813
1080Greek alphabet630721
1083Ted Kaczynski627692
1084River Phoenix627661
1085John Travolta627581
1086Cloud computing627503
1087Rose Leslie627352
1089Andrew Wiggins627241
1090Edmond Rostand626521
1091States and union territories of India625661
1092Sharon Tate624312
1093Kanika Kapoor623973
1094Ke Huy Quan623852
1095Betty Ford623632
1096Zoë Kravitz622771
1097Anni-Frid Lyngstad622513
1098Gun laws of Australia622492
1099George Lucas622082
1100Halsey (singer)621812
1101Jude Law620223
1102Will Byers619954
1103Adam Sandler619451
1104Cameron Diaz619431
1105Krithi Shetty618553
1106Cillian Murphy618292
1107List of shootings in Texas617202
1108Battle of Donbas (2022)616611
1109Salman Khan615711
1111Circuit de Monaco614913
1112Khloé Kardashian614702
1113Sean Astin613944
1114Pamela Anderson613611
1115Giannis Antetokounmpo613552
1116Mary, Queen of Scots613541
1117America Chavez613501
1119Indian National Congress613343
1120Steve Harvey612583
1121Megan Fox612461
1122Pooja Hegde612281
1123Chip 'n Dale: Rescue Rangers (TV series)612092
1125United Nations610941
1126The Valet (2022 film)610172
1127Sanela Diana Jenkins609932
1128George H. W. Bush608741
1129List of UFC events608612
1130Luby's shooting608232
1131Colt AR-15608193
1132Red flag law608052
1133Meghan, Duchess of Sussex607791
1134The Blacklist (TV series)607232
1135John Lydon606681
1136Joaquin Phoenix606422
1137Samuel Benchetrit605161
1138AHS Krab602912
1139Camila Alves602892
1140Alan Wilder602862
1141Hacks (TV series)602061
11432022 FIFA World Cup qualification600641
1144Queendom (TV series)599982
1145Trent Alexander-Arnold599571
1146Poonam Pandey599182
1147CM Punk599032
1149Daniil Medvedev598762
1150Colin Powell598351
1151Pinocchio (2022 live-action film)598301
115219 Kids and Counting597632
1153Helen Keller597222
1154George Jung596892
1155Marcus Smart596731
1156Sidhu Moose Wala discography596573
1157Agnetha Fältskog596372
1158Mike Myers595493
1159Harry Potter594511
1160Hunter × Hunter594292
1161The Ellen DeGeneres Show594052
1162Gustavo Petro593623
1163Diego Carlos (footballer, born 1993)593412
11642019–20 UEFA Champions League593392
1165Something Wild (1986 film)592922
1166Hillsborough disaster592662
1167Vikram (1986 Tamil film)591361
1168Oscar Pistorius590812
1169Benny Safdie590742
1170Serie A590512
1171Johnny Cash590302
1172Wilt Chamberlain590102
1173Juice Wrld590061
1174Operation Blue Star589542
1175Chrishell Stause589391
1176N. T. Rama Rao588891
1177Manifest (TV series)588751
1178Roman Polanski588721
1180Martin Luther King Jr.587791
1181Bill Clinton587671
1182Jos Buttler587453
1183Benjamin Diokno586752
1184The Time Traveler's Wife (TV series)586311
1185XXX: Return of Xander Cage585762
1186Disney+ Hotstar585443
1187List of Star Wars television series585393
1188Paul Walker585281
1189Katy Perry584381
1190Conium maculatum582592
1191Danny Drinkwater582522
1192President of the United States582142
11932022 Ontario general election582001
1194Akshay Kumar581881
1195Disappearance at Clifton Hill581692
1196Hilary Duff581302
1198List of serial killers by number of victims580581
1199Jamie Foxx579461
1200Ferdinand Marcos579252
1201Alec Baldwin578611
1202Vanna White578582
12032017 NBA draft578171
1204Rajya Sabha577892
1205J. K. Rowling577822
1206Sienna Miller577181
1207Brenden Aaronson576242
1208Steve McQueen576101
1209UFC 275575861
1210Mel Gibson575532
1211Two envelopes problem574681
1212Band of Brothers (miniseries)574382
1213Jon Bon Jovi573353
1214Sh**ting Stars572721
1215Bill Pullman571323
1216Stefanos Tsitsipas571312
1217Master P570532
1218Devin Haney570333
1219Drew Barrymore570191
1220Cameron Boyce569812
1221Thurston High School shooting569692
1222Ben Stiller569231
1223List of massacres in Australia569222
1224Jack Dorsey569201
1225Def Leppard569182
1226Ni no Kuni569052
1227Jon Favreau569051
1228Harvey Weinstein568461
1230Temuera Morrison567812
1232Theo James566921
1234Jai Hindley566743
1235Daniel Ricciardo566231
1236Portia de Rossi565852
1237Britney Spears565781
1238List of Indian Premier League seasons and results565762
1239Georgia (country)564991
1240Bobby Brown564721
1241Korean War564421
1242Charles Parnell (actor)563913
1243Victoria Leigh Soto563672
1244Fifth-generation fighter563193
1245Kardashian family562651
1246Offside (association football)562271
12472012 Aurora, Colorado shooting561602
1249Broker (2022 film)561113
1251Rob Lowe560731
1252David Hogg558892
1253Hollywood Vampires (band)557482
1254Non-fungible token557441
1255Canelo Álvarez557021
1256Hunter S. Thompson556961
1257Brittney Griner556572
1258Mary of Teck556441
1259Nina Dobrev553792
12602017–18 UEFA Champions League553462
1261Charlie Chaplin553411
1262Stevie Nicks553152
1263Jodie Foster553002
1264Bryce Dallas Howard552841
1265Clonmacnoise Crozier552591
1266Abhaya Hiranmayi552331
1267Dani Carvajal552242
1268Blade Runner 2049552181
1269Tony Dalton550992
1270Mark Zuckerberg550841
1271Firearms regulation in the United Kingdom550462
12722023 UEFA Champions League Final548932
1273Brittany Murphy548711
1274Beast (2022 American film)548352
1275Sandeep Unnikrishnan548211
1276Peter Nygård548081
1277CONMEBOL–UEFA Cup of Champions547622
1278Ice Hockey World Championships547351
1279John Mulaney546521
1280Eddie Izzard545981
1281Bam Adebayo545563
1283Gary Sinise543632
1284Sondra Locke543122
1285Rebecca Ferguson542561
1286Grace Kelly542381
1287Anthony Rapp541732
1288List of Formula One World Drivers' Champions541011
1289Loris Karius540471
1290Imran Khan540162
1291Titanic (1997 film)539971
1292Samara Weaving539791
1293Jean-Michel Basquiat539691
1294Father's Day539681
1295Patrick Fabian538992
1296Dwight D. Eisenhower538951
1297Draymond Green538021
1298Stellan Skarsgård537941
1299Call of Duty537621
13002011 Norway attacks537392
1302Henry Cavill537281
1303Miami Heat537132
1304Avril Lavigne536401
1305Bruno Mars535271
13062022 IndyCar Series535132
1307Cleveland Elementary School shooting (San Diego)534222
1308Star Wars: Episode III – Revenge of the Sith532642
1309Joc Pederson531413
1310Prithviraj (film)531061
1311Mare Winningham530161
1313Charles Barkley528132
1314UEFA Nations League527572
1315Waco siege526661
1317The Circle (American season 4)526252
1318Alford plea525712
1319Knull (character)525572
13202022 NBA Finals525352
1321Jack Antonoff525032
1322Sukhoi Su-25524991
1323Sean Penn524601
1324L'Origine du monde524252
1325Beau Biden523942
1326Simone Ashley523222
1327Jake Lloyd523211
1328Man vs. Bee523052
1329Sam Burns522822
1330Jon Bernthal522671
1331Sandy Hook, Connecticut522212
1332Jawaharlal Nehru522121
1333Oxford High School shooting521872
1334Economy of India521241
1335Sue Perkins521172
1336Steve Jones (musician)521161
13372021 Formula One World Championship520881
1338Brad Stevens520241
1339List of Stranger Things episodes519963
1340Mitch McConnell519522
1341Calvin Harris518611
1342Burt Reynolds518291
1343Harry Kane518231
1344Kamala Harris517991
13452022–23 UEFA Nations League517222
1347Warren Jeffs516842
1348My Chemical Romance516401
1349Andy Murray516141
1350Matt Carpenter (baseball)516133
1351United States Navy515121
1352Wrexham A.F.C.514881
1353Savage Arms513842
1354Charles Whitman513432
1355Naga Chaitanya513412
1356Ulysses S. Grant513112
1357Simone Kessell512822
1358James Holmes (mass murderer)512571
1359Sloane Stephens512281
1360Thierry Henry512161
1361Angela Lansbury511911
1362Murder of Sarah Payne511722
1363Joe Gallo511051
1365San Francisco508361
1366Stacey Abrams508191
1367Roman Reigns507441
1368James Earl Jones507281
1369Untitled fifth Indiana Jones film507191
1370James Gandolfini506961
1371The Time Traveler's Wife506411
1372Kristen Wiig506002
1373Steven Gerrard505461
1375Again My Life504842
1376Teal Swan504451
1377Sanju Samson504412
1378List of Spy × Family episodes504371
1379Justin Trudeau503891
1380Parc des Princes503161
1381Plan and Execution502591
1382All Elite Wrestling502421
1383Pink (singer)502342
1384Burkina Faso502151
1385Cassian Andor502102
1387Liz Cambage500573
1388Nancy Wheeler499783
1389Harold Ramis499771
1390Royal Challengers Bangalore499542
1391"No Way to Prevent This", Says Only Nation Where This Regularly Happens499492
1393DC Extended Universe498801
1394List of The Owl House episodes498761
1395Fusako Shigenobu498251
1396Joe Mantegna498051
1397Mark Grace497972
1398Brandi Worley497871
1399Broadcom Inc.497332
1400M109 howitzer497322
1401Jeff Goldblum496701
1402Gun law in the United States496532
1403Phil Collins496231
1404Darrell Clarke495871
1405List of This Is Us episodes495842
1406World Economic Forum495122
1407Will Poulter495071
14082022 United States House of Representatives elections494841
1409Lenny Kravitz494821
1410Raúl (footballer)494211
1411Lily Collins494051
1412Huddersfield Town A.F.C.493461
1413Anders Behring Breivik492832
1414Blow (film)492762
14172022 UEFA Super Cup490522
1418Darwin Núñez490342
1419Rachel Scott490122
1420Ayrton Senna489531
14212022 United States elections488681
1422Zach Braff488312
1424Agent Orange487103
1425Gun laws in the United States by state486142
14262008 Indian Premier League485293
1427Byzantine Empire484971
1428Olivier Giroud483711
1429Martha Stewart483521
1430Jordan Poole483491
1431Michael Douglas483452
1432Gabriella Pizzolo483233
1433List of French Open men's singles champions483151
1434Paul Newman482641
1435Scott Morrison482581
1436Jimmy Savile482331
1437Japanese Red Army482232
1438Palme d'Or481842
1439Rogue One481791
1440Hailey Bieber481611
1441Dani Ceballos480882
14422005 UEFA Champions League Final480221
1443Money in the Bank (2022)479351
1444Joan of Arc479061
1445Rajiv Kapoor479011
1446Jeff Bridges478352
14472021–22 NBA season477591
1448NXT In Your House (2022)477482
1449Emergency (2022 film)477172
1450Universal background check477022
1451Ranbir Kapoor476901
1452Attack on Pearl Harbor476451
1453Aston Villa F.C.476391
1454FIFA Club World Cup476202
1455Dinesh Karthik475431
1456All-NBA Team474761
14572021–22 EFL Championship474561
1458Naomi Judd473521
1459Warren v. District of Columbia473393
1461Evangelos Marinakis473052
1462Paolo Maldini472241
14642022 Giro d'Italia471981
14652017 UEFA Champions League Final470852
1466Bernard S. Garrett Sr.469891
1467Edmonton Oilers469202
1468Jay Shah469052
1469Amybeth McNulty469051
1470Evander Kane467953
1471Sara Duterte467402
1472Skydance Media466651
14732021–22 Real Madrid CF season466542
1474Charlotte Flair466122
1475Liv Tyler464641
1476Victor Oladipo464073
1477Wyatt Earp463991
1479Devin Booker463231
1480Martin Bryant462482
1481Derrick White (basketball)461982
1482Lod Airport massacre460901
1483Sergio Ramos459991
1484Tina Turner459951
1485Andy Goram459772
1487Mick Schumacher459071
1488Alexis Bledel458481
1489Jessica Pegula458122
1490Kellyanne Conway457481
1491Elsa Pataky456471
14922021–22 Serie A456372
1493Ferland Mendy456191
1494Djokovic–Nadal rivalry455781
1495Patricia Krenwinkel455462
1496Éder Militão454902
1497JoJo Siwa454641
1498List of Star Wars Rebels characters454112
1499UEFA Super Cup453661
1500Prince George, Duke of Kent453461
1501Omar Khan (administrator)453091
1502Microdata (HTML)453072
1504Rodrigo Duterte451911
1505Maye Musk451331
1506Vincent Kompany450622
1507Lake Lanier450542
1508Fumio Kishida450511
1509Elizabeth line450361
1510Omar Mateen450141
1511Sebastian Korda449741
1512Black Death449551
1513Jo-Wilfried Tsonga449461
1514Town of Castle Rock v. Gonzales448832
1515Manson Family448191
1518Seth Green447201
1520Ewan McGregor filmography446971
1521Lalo Salamanca446721
1522Oscar Wilde446481
1523Joker (2019 film)446361
1524Mehmet Oz446291
1525John N. Mitchell446221
1526Great Wall of China446141
1527The Most Dangerous Animal in the World445751
1528Decision to Leave445601
1529Kelly Reilly445331
1530IndyCar Series444051
15312016 UEFA Champions League Final443752
1532Manushi Chhillar442931
1533Smallpox vaccine441801
1535Jules Bianchi441141
1536Fabinho (footballer, born 1993)440841
1537Tomb of Sand440762
1538Tara Sutaria440201
15392000 Mules439391
1540District of Columbia v. Heller439271
15412022 Formula 2 Championship439072
1542FBI (TV series)438651
1543Ashley Judd438351
1544Andre Iguodala438151
1545Levantine Arabic437291
1546McStay family murders437091
1547Kunga cake437021
1548Chris Martin436661
1549May 26436341
1550J. Cole435511
15512013–14 UEFA Champions League435392
1552Pato O'Ward434601
1553Imelda Marcos434091
1554Normandy landings432371
1555Michael Clarke Duncan432371
1556Jefferson Hack432052
15572022 MotoGP World Championship431711
1558Karen Friedman Hill431501
1560Christopher Nkunku430981
1561Rick Caruso430761
1562Rita Ora430751
1563Sally Field430681
1565Saving Private Ryan430341
1566Lyman, Ukraine430042
1567Aurélien Tchouaméni428062
1568Jordan Henderson427861
15692022 Monaco Grand Prix427742
1570Phil Hartman427551
1571Rodolfo Hernández Suárez427321
1572AS Saint-Étienne426792
1573Mark Cuban425871
1574Chloë Sevigny425211
1576Robert Williams III424542
1577Constitution of the United States424351
1578Star Wars: The Bad Batch424122
1580Ranveer Singh423951
1581List of congressional candidates who received campaign money from the National Rifle Association423872
1582List of European Cup and UEFA Champions League finals423701
1583Brian Clough423481
1584Nazem Kadri421612
1585List of European Cup and UEFA Champions League winning managers420372
1586Danica Patrick419902
1589Gennady Golovkin418391
1590Willie Nelson417591
15912021 French Open – Men's singles416821
1592Samrat Prithviraj416762
1593Rameshbabu Praggnanandhaa416192
1594Natasha Liu Bordizzo415731
1595P. J. Tucker415511
1596Susan Roces415262
1597Ruben Östlund415002
1598Grand Theft Auto: Vice City414792
1599Rose Byrne414411
1600Bill Russell414111
1601Bump stock414031
1602MGM-140 ATACMS413901
1603Eagles (band)413611
1604Mika Zibanejad411402
1605Dylann Roof411091
1606Dennis Hopper410531
1607Red Bull Racing410181
1608Zdeněk Kolář410131
1609A.C. Monza409931
1610Keith Urban409821
1611AEW World Championship409321
1612Chicago Fire (TV series)408771
1613Jack Grealish408661
1614Punjab, India407981
1615Hannibal (2001 film)407902
1616Phil Foden407621
1617May 27406951
1618May 30406741
1619Edmund Kemper405571
1620May 31405481
1621Arena Kombëtare405401
1622Port Vale F.C.404551
1623Monte Carlo404521
1624Madison Cawthorn404351
1625Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting conspiracy theories404241
1627New York Rangers403501
16282022 Georgia gubernatorial election403471
1629Nancy Sinatra402332
1630Shades of Blue (TV series)401502
1631Casper Ruud400771
1632Lucy Worsley400471
1633Fall of Constantinople398371
1634Unlawful Entry (film)398342
1635Colorado Avalanche396511
1636Carlos Sainz Jr.396321
1637Tucker Carlson396001
1638Jim Bob Duggar395772
1639Kit Harington395401
1640List of Grey's Anatomy episodes393131
1641Walter Hamada392921
1642Bonnie Wright392721
1643Round-robin tournament392601
1644George P. Bush392191
1645Great Replacement391421
1646List of Running Man episodes (2022)391371
1647A Quiet Place Part II391341
1648List of IIHF World Championship medalists391111
1650Howard Hamlin390511
1651Stade Roland Garros390151
1653North Hollywood shootout389201
1654Russo brothers389091
1655Survivor (American TV series)388941
1656Father Stu388912
1657Paul Sorvino387811
1658Quadrilateral Security Dialogue387701
1659Battle of the Bulge387571
1660Hello Kitty murder387421
1661Björn Ulvaeus386131
1663Tex Watson385691
1664BioShock (series)385562
1665Turpin case385212
1666The Flash (season 8)385181
1667A Serbian Film384791
1668Mai Bhago384402
1669Harpoon (missile)383881
1670Diego Luna383731
1671Semi-automatic rifle383681
1672Rio Ferdinand382912
1673Kashmir conflict382801
1674David Littleproud382221
16752014 Isla Vista killings381651
1676May 25381451
1677Camila Giorgi381312
16781981 European Cup Final380501
1679Fear the Walking Dead380231
1680Depeche Mode discography380171
1681Roland Garros (aviator)379581
1682Tyler Herro379581
1683Frank Abagnale379562
1684Benny Andersson379231
1685Shaun Livingston377991
1686Thomas DeSimone377771
1687Rafael Leão377211
1688Skinwalker Ranch377201
1689Tracy McGrady377141
1690Fernando Alonso377141
1691World's Strongest Man376711
1692Shawn Mendes376291
1693Jarnail Singh Bhindranwale376133
1694Holy Spider375891
1695Doc Holliday375071
1696Gun laws in Texas375001
169783 (film)374941
1698Grand Slam (tennis)374531
1699Triple Crown of Motorsport374511
17002022 EFL Championship play-off Final374481
17012021–22 Liverpool F.C. season373291
1703Michael Weatherly371831
1704Mariusz Pudzianowski371781
1705Carolina Hurricanes370871
1706List of presidents of the Philippines370821
1707Mark Felt369701
1708Paul Cushing Child368941
1709Kevon Looney368231
1710Bernie Ecclestone367641
1711List of massacres in Great Britain367571
1712Hansal Mehta367442
1713Paul Gosar365851
1714Amanda Holden364981
1715Audie Murphy364881
1716Indira Varma363881
1718The Silence of the Lambs (film)363101
1719Kimi Räikkönen362731
1720Maxwell Jacob Friedman361562
1721Cop Land361412
1722United States military casualties of war361301
1723Robert F. Kennedy Jr.360591
1724Bernie Madoff360441
17252016–17 UEFA Champions League359911
1726Madison Keys358861
17272022 Copa Libertadores358791
1728Eddie Redmayne358171
17292018 NBA Finals357121
1730Jalen Brunson355241
1731Steve McManaman355011
1732List of Young Justice episodes354821
1733Bo Burnham354691
1734Werner Herzog Eats His Shoe354211
1735List of foreign aid to Ukraine during the Russo-Ukrainian War353821
1736Rick Brunson353631
1737Reinhard Heydrich352841
1738Gianluca Mancini352772
1739Real Madrid CF in international football352041
1740Peter Scully351821
1741Amanda Anisimova351752
1742Joe Johnson (basketball)351092
1743Roberto Firmino350871
1744ABBA Voyage350301
1745Papuan mountain pigeon350091
1746Everyone's Invited349652
1747Charlene, Princess of Monaco349351
1748Michael P. Murphy349281
1749Blue Beetle348951
1750Alvin York348481
1751Andy Carroll348421
1752My Neighbor Totoro348061
1753Jurriën Timber348051
1754Chandraprakash Dwivedi346971
1755Bosnian War346771
1756Jordan Leavitt346371
1757Saravana Stores345751
1758Westside School shooting345571
1759Geri Halliwell344421
1760Chalino Sánchez343941
1761Sumela Monastery343801
1762Patrick Dempsey343311
17632012 UEFA Champions League Final342311
1764Nikola Jokić341861
1765Hidden (2015 film)341451
1766Amit Shah341271
1767Henrikh Mkhitaryan341172
1768Women's T20 Challenge341091
1769Ascension of Jesus340721
1770Andrew Robertson339601
1771Léolia Jeanjean339241
1773Christian Horner338101
1774Jumbo Stay337891
1775Dwayne Bravo337791
1776Open Era tennis records – men's singles337731
1777Katherine Waterston337231
1778Family of Joe Biden336671
1779Lisa del Giocondo336542
17802021 Monaco Grand Prix336361
1781.22 Long Rifle335921
17822015–16 UEFA Champions League335751
1783Christina Grimmie335611
1784Frank Wills (security guard)335541
1785Ahilyabai Holkar334821
1786Angela Davis334411
17872015 UEFA Champions League Final333731
1788Cleveland Elementary School shooting (Stockton)333251
1789John, King of England332941
1790List of murdered hip hop musicians332291
1791Shaunie O'Neal332011
1792Jen Psaki331601
1793Florentino Pérez331462
1794European Cup and UEFA Champions League records and statistics331412
1795Karen Khachanov331331
1796May 29331121
1797Advait Chandan330832
1798Richard Winters330031
1799Don McLean329852
1800List of cricket grounds by capacity329651
1801Mansa district, India328802
1802John Cazale328721
1803Texas Ranger Division328041
1804Roger Jenkins (banker)327441
1805Shawn Bradley326241
1806The Band325971
1807R. Budd Dwyer325641
1808Brennan Johnson325211
1809Chapter One: The Hellfire Club324632
1810The Rat Pack (film)324381
1811Garena Free Fire323361
1812Leslie Van Houten323311
1814Alex Jones322411
1815Chrissie Hynde322251
1816Debi Mazar322021
1817Aliaksandra Sasnovich321951
1818Death of Caylee Anthony321781
1819Andrew Symonds321501
1820William McKinley321271
1821Lisa Lopes320751
1822Franklin W. Dixon320241
1823List of most expensive paintings320171
1824Murder of Gabriel Fernandez319811
1825Isaiah Rashad319641
18262015 NBA Finals319331
1827John McEnroe318721
1828American Graffiti318491
1829Tom Stoltman318191
1830List of universities with BDSM clubs317971
1831Brian Kemp317921
1832Toni Nadal316251
1833Hambirrao Mohite316001
18342017 NBA Finals315921
1835Pinocchio (2022 animated film)315801
1836Erislandy Lara314621
1837Atul Kulkarni314422
1838May 28314311
1839Nathan MacKinnon314091
1840Scott Dixon311971
1841Hungerford massacre311451
1842Hélio Castroneves311061
1843Angie Harmon310701
1844Gil Birmingham310101
1845Malcolm McLaren310091
1846Golden Gate Bridge309921
1847Jasper Conran309331
1848Jimmie Johnson309261
18492022 EFL Cup Final308942
1850Darryl Sutter308132
1851Nico Rosberg307741
1852Second Boer War307011
18532024 UEFA Champions League Final306841
1854Isaac Cruz305141
1855Rod Brind'Amour303891
1856No Escape (1994 film)303642
1857The Eminem Show302861
18582013 UEFA Champions League Final301831
1859List of current United States senators300581
1860James Garner (footballer, born 2001)300491
1861George Shapiro300092
1862Robert Zemeckis299231
1863Fifth Harmony298951
1864Marriage Story298911
18652022 FA Cup Final298281
1866Towel Day298121
1867Centralia mine fire297261
1868Juno (film)297111
1869Heroin chic296731
1870KL Rahul296681
1871Tara Air296492
1872Ralf Rangnick296301
1874Scottie Scheffler295151
1875Rachel Zegler294231
1876Diego Schwartzman293601
1877David Perdue293571
1878Wardlow (wrestler)293391
1879Terrorism in Punjab293302
1880List of UEFA club competition winning managers292501
1881Nicolò Zaniolo292361
1882Juan Pablo Montoya292241
1883Rya Kihlstedt292011
1884List of Formula One Grand Prix winners291601
1885United States Football League (2022)291441
1886Joe Exotic290601
1887John Nance Garner290321
1888City Ground290311
1889Hemispheres of Earth290191
1890AEW×NJPW: Forbidden Door290181
1891Indianapolis Motor Speedway289791
1892Dennis Schröder289531
1893Anthony Anderson289371
1894Bikini Atoll289331
1895Stade Rochelais288871
18962021 Boulder shooting288811
1897École Polytechnique massacre288461
1898Bull (2016 TV series)287981
1899Tina Sinatra287501
19002021 French Open287131
1901Parti Bangsa Malaysia286331
1902Murders of Chris Kyle and Chad Littlefield286141
1903The Animals286021
19041983 Cricket World Cup285931
1905Midsomer Murders285421
1906Neilia Hunter Biden283921
1908Goldy Brar283091
1909World No Tobacco Day282971
1910Michelle Wie West282481
1911Brendan Langley281991
1912Rachel Brosnahan281751
1913Children's Day281491
1914Murder of Sherri Rasmussen281011
1915Yoshihiro Togashi280881
1916Pedro Rodríguez (racing driver)280521
1917Mikael Ymer279891
1918Igor Shesterkin279831
1919Leopold and Loeb279361
1921John Terry278441
1922Cast Away278371
1923Rosemary Kennedy278141
1924Marcus Wareing277831
1925Sussan Ley276681
1926Amar Singh Chamkila274681
1927Terrence Howard274361
1929Zar Amir Ebrahimi274131
1930Sally Ride274001
1931Clarence Seedorf273101
1932Corrina, Corrina (film)272121
1933Bujar Nishani271351
1934Nick Plummer270952
1935Jonathan Kuminga270511
1936Cynthia Erivo270231
1937Violator (album)270001
1938Aaron Donald269311
1940Anna Richardson267281
19412022 IIHF World Championship playoff round267121
1942CAF Champions League266431
1943The Place Beyond the Pines265331
1944Fenway Sports Group263001
1945Untitled Charlie Day film262631
1946Rui Patrício262621
1947Bernabé Zapata Miralles262451
1948Tulsa race massacre262131
1949Uvalde Consolidated Independent School District260291
1950Cymphonique Miller260011
1951Albert Ramos Viñolas259651
1952John Derringer259261
1953Jamie Bartlett259121
1954Sam Witwer258651
1955Theodore Roosevelt Jr.257871
1956Western United FC257331
19572022 FIVB Volleyball Women's Nations League256301
1958Triangle Shirtwaist Factory fire255561
1959List of FBI episodes255491
1960Lee Grant (footballer, born 1983)255381
1961Daniel Maldini254121
1962Finland men's national ice hockey team254081
1963Derek Jeter254051
1964Polish plait253511
1965Diogo Jota252991
19662022 A-Leagues All Stars Game252501
1967Pareto principle252091
1968Cyriel Dessers252081
1969Tadap (2021 film)251831
1970Dale Evans250431
1971Veronika Kudermetova250011
1972Jamie Carragher249411
1973Pablo Hernández (footballer, born 1985)249241
1974Britain's Got Talent (series 15)248981
1975Ruben Gallego248601
1976Flowers in the Attic248541
1977Alison Sudol248471
1978Gary O'Sullivan248061
1979Ronan O'Gara247951
1980AeroVironment Switchblade247191
1981Alexandre Pato246061
1982Forgotten Winchester245291
1983Joe Worrall (footballer)243681
1984Craig Farrell (footballer)243401
1985Gerard Gallant243121
1986Antikythera mechanism242971
1987Glen Matlock242641
1988NBA Conference Finals Most Valuable Player Award242351
1989Fragile X syndrome241731
1990Gun control241121
1991Jane Krakowski240881
1992Ainsley Maitland-Niles240431
1993Elementary schools in the United States239851
1994Chris Chelios239411
1995Jason Spezza239091
1996Winnie the Pooh (Disney character)238551
1997Leon Draisaitl237971
1998Boeing 377 Stratocruiser237801
1999National Sorry Day237721
2001Ayan Mukerji235251
2002European Rugby Champions Cup235091
2003Mark Messier235071
2004Africa Day234571
2005Amber alert234501
2006Dunkirk evacuation233521
2007Richard Lee McNair232221
2008Mark Winger231881
2009Melissa Fumero231591
2010List of Real Madrid CF managers231091
2011Elena Rybakina230581
2012Gunshot wounds230511
2013Solihull Moors F.C.230211
2014The Caretaker (musician)230061
2015Manacled Mormon case230041
2016Clément Turpin228651
2017Angela Rayner227101
2018Takotsubo cardiomyopathy225971
2019Survivor 41225901
2020Jana Duggar224691
2021Tony Kanaan224541
2022Julie Banderas222651
2023Ken McElroy221911
2025The Music Man221451
2026Kevin Spacey on screen and stage220471
2027Katie Britt220301
2028Adam Lanza220291
2029Pia Toscano220131
2030Pamela Rooke219781
20311985 MOVE bombing219611
2032Colin Cantwell219181
2033Deep Throat (Watergate)218441
2034Lincoln Memorial218321
2035Lawn darts217691
2036Lorenzo Pellegrini215811
2037House on Haunted Hill215611
2038About Time (2013 film)215461
2039Julia Hart (wrestler)215331
2040Naby Keïta215321
2041Swiss cheese model214991
2042Murder of Daniel Brophy214641
2043John Nettles213421
2044Ian Rush213051
2045Romeo Miller212661
2046Salil Parekh212541
2047Petr Korda211831
2048Stuart Long211531
2049Ari Emanuel211331
2050List of European stadiums by capacity211321
2051Vivienne Westwood211001
2052Insular crozier210521
2053Krishna (Telugu actor)210421
2054Roosevelt family210411
2055Gabriel Slonina209171
2056Jack Colback208881
2057Sarah Sanders208421
2058I-40 bridge disaster207561
2059Electricity generation207431
2060Amelia Vega206031
2061Aisha Hinds205821
2062Seven Days in May205631
2063Liverpool F.C. in international football205421
2064Göğceli Mosque204601
2065Aeroflot Flight 593204451
2066Roger Penske203981
2067Jimmy Little203181
2068Premier League Manager of the Season201901
2069From Here to Eternity201671
2070Park Shin-hye201591
2071Albanese ministry201521
2072Murders of Bibaa Henry and Nicole Smallman201261
20732022 Premier League Darts200701
2074Henry Cuellar200301
2075Exodus (1960 film)199911
2076Atlas F.C.199461
2077Sue Gray (civil servant)199411
2078Jeff Chandler198831
2079Andy Devine (English actor)198421
2080Daria Kasatkina198121
2081Valery Solodchuk197611
2082The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes197441
2083Kirkbride Plan196361
2084Antonio Lagdameo Jr.196301
2085Safeena Husain194981
2086Eden Gardens194881
2087Reiss Nelson194791
2088Randy Jackson194641
2089Carlos Corberán194631
2090The Spirit of the Age194431
2091Brice Samba193401
2092Jack Monroe192691
2093Kiran Navgire192461
2094Perin Davey192151
2095Cary Joji Fukunaga191551
2096Ember Moon191431
2097Joan Bakewell191281
2098Malcolm Bivens191271
2099Felicia Montealegre190491
2100Corentin Tolisso190451
2102Simon O'Brien (presenter)189741
2103Wilhelm Canaris189701
2104Nemanja Bjelica188691
2105Cameron Kasky188081
2106Goldwater rule187731
2107Boris Pahor186391
2109List of UEFA Champions League broadcasters185691
2110Jeļena Ostapenko185471
2111Alice Roosevelt Longworth184471
2112Bad Day at Black Rock184341
2113Pinocchio (1940 film)184301
2114The Longest Day (film)182111
2115A-Leagues All Stars Game181961
2116UK City of Culture181231
2117Ethan Horvath179841
2118Chip Ganassi179581
2119Merrill's Marauders178071
2120Papillon (1973 film)175081
2121Hala Madrid y nada más174261
2122Jayden Braaf174141
2123Darren Helm174021
2124Brandon Nakashima173461
2125Tracy Piggott172851
2126Charlene Wittstock172301
2127Northwest Airlines Flight 188172131
2128James Wilson (English footballer)171531
2129Kenneth Bianchi170941
2130June 1170621
2131Dora Annie Dickens170341
2132Fred Guttenberg170001
2133Hillside Strangler169811
2134Life After Life (TV series)169321
2135Aljaž Bedene168911
2136Peak beard168801
2137Sam Smith (basketball, born 1944)168171
2138Peryton (astronomy)167601
2139Judas goat167381
2140Jose Trevino (baseball)167351
2141Stuart Pearce167261
2142Sebastián Báez166191
2143List of fictional European countries165711
2144Rush (wrestler)165651
2145Blind cave eel164931
2146Alfredo E. Pascual164501
2147Sorba Thomas164061
2148Chris Kreider163381
2149Twelve O'Clock High163351
2150David Sedaris162341
2151Operation Rösselsprung (1944)160401
21532018 Georgia gubernatorial election158291
2154Solicitor General of the Philippines155561
2155Gödel metric153351
2156List of photographs considered the most important153301
2157Stanley Kerr153001
2158Michael Hefele150181
2159Cedric Maxwell149621
2160Jordan Rhodes149331
2161Benjamin Evan Ainsworth149211
2162List of Leipzig University people149031
2163Las Lajas Shrine148361
2164Claudia Riner148131
2165Talk N' Text Phone Pals145291
2166Gotham Knights (TV series)145001
2167Javier Fortuna143701
2168David Gandy143481
2169Scarlet macaw142931
2171Battle of Seven Pines140611
2172Army of Republika Srpska139031
2173Death of Corrie McKeague135181
2174Round-the-world ticket132741
2176Destination Tokyo131381
2177Varieties of Arabic131211
2178Federal Republic of Central America130431
2179Islamic Jihad Organization128281
2180Anglo-Iraqi War127321
2181Operation Bluestar126111
2182Arne Slot124051
2183Grue Church fire123891
2184Abdelaziz bin Khalifa Al Thani122271
2185Jake Atlas121331
2186Corentin Moutet119901
21872007 ICC World Twenty20 Final118461
2188List of airliner shootdown incidents117071
2189The Naked and the Dead (film)117051
2191Clare O'Neil115251
2192Eclipse of Thales115031
2193Mongol invasion of Java114631
2195Brendan Vink113331
2196Ay mamá113221
2197Puente de Fierro110381
2199Battle of Jumonville Glen109661
2200Prestige (sociolinguistics)105911
2201François Lecointre105751
2202Moira Dela Torre102231
2203Concurrent Computer Corporation101091
2204Chip 1 Exchange100781

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