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--[[This module was created by User:CodeHydro (Alexander Zhikun He).User:Jackmcbarn and User:Mr._Stradivarius provided a great deal of assistance in writting p.main()p.main() draw heavily from the following version of Template:Asbox of the English Wikipedia, authored primarily by User:Rich_Farmbrough is derived from the following revision of Template:Asbox/templatepage, authored primarily by User:MSGJ templates had significant contributions from numerous others listed in the revision history tab of their respective pages.--]]local WRAPPER_TEMPLATE, args = 'Template:Asbox'local templatestyles = 'Asbox/styles.css'local p, Buffer, stubCats = {--Prevents dupli-cats... get it? Maybe not?cats = setmetatable({}, {__newindex = function(t, i, v)if not rawget(t, i) thenrawset(t, i, v)table.insert(t, i)endend}),--initializes variables required by both p.main and p.templatepageinit = function(self, frame, page)args, page = args or require('Module:Arguments').getArgs(frame, {wrappers = WRAPPER_TEMPLATE}), page or mw.title.getCurrentTitle()--Ensures demo parameter will never affect category() output for articlesself.demo = self.demo or page.namespace ~= 0 and args.demoreturn args, pageend}, require('Module:Buffer')--[[Formats category links. Stores them until called with cat.done=trueTakes multiple or single categories in the form of 'cat'or a table of strings and/or tables containing parts. (See below)]]local attention, catTag, catKey = Buffer'Ang mensahe sa mga plantilya sa saha nga nanginahanglan pagtagad', '[[Category:%s]]', '%s|%s%s'local function category(cat)for _, v in ipairs((tostring(cat) == cat or cat.t) and {cat} or cat) do--[[If v is a table:[1] = full category name; defaults to local attention if blankk = Category sort key. Prefix before = page.text or args.tempsort#; appended after k (or in its place if omitted). Required if v is not a stringBasically the same as v = (v[1] or attention) .. ' | ' .. (v.k or '') .. v.t]]if v and v ~= true then--reject v = nil, false, or truep.cats[catTag:format(tostring(v) == v andvor (v[1] and Buffer(v[1]) or attention):_in(v.k):_(v.t):_str(2, nil, nil, '|'))] = trueendendreturn cat.done and table.concat(p.cats, p.demo and ' | ' or nil) or ''end--[[Makes an ombox warning;Takes table {ifNot = Boolean, text, {cat. sort key, cat. sort name}}Will return an empty string instead when ifNot evaluates to true ]]local function ombox(v)if v.ifNot then return endp.ombox = p.ombox or require('Module:Message box').omboxcategory{v[2]}return p.ombox{type = 'content',text = v[1]}end--[[Unlike original template, module now takes unlimited cats! This function also performsmost stub category error checks except for the ombox for when main |category= is omitted (See p.template())]]local function catStub(page, pageDoc)stubCats = {missing = {}, v = {}}-- zwj and zwnj have semantical use in other other wikis, don't remove themlocal zwj = '\226\128\141'  -- U+200D, E2 80 8Dlocal zwnj = '\226\128\140' -- U+200C, E2 80 8Clocal disallowedUnicodeChars = '[^%w%p%s' .. zwj .. zwnj .. ']' -- for i18n we make this a separate stringlocal codefor k, _ in pairs(args) do--Find category parameters and store the number (main cat = '')table.insert(stubCats, string.match(k, '^category(%d*)$'))endtable.sort(stubCats)for k, v in ipairs(stubCats) do--Get category names and, if called by p.templatepage, the optional sort keylocal tsort, cat = args['tempsort' .. v], mw.ustring.gsub(args['category' .. v], disallowedUnicodeChars, '')--remove all hidden unicode chars --Do not place template in main category if |tempsort = 'no'. However, DO place articles of that template in the main category.table.insert(stubCats.v, page and (--p.templatepage passes page; p.main does not, i.e. articles are categorized without sort keys.v=='' and tsort == 'no'--if true, inserts 'true' in table, which category() will rejector tsort and {cat, k = ' ', t = tsort}or {cat, k = ' *', t = page.text}--note space in front of sort key)or cat)--Check category existance only if on the template page (i.e. stub documentation)if page thenif not'Category:' .. cat).exists thencode = code or mw.html.create'code':wikitext'|category'table.insert(stubCats.missing, tostring(mw.clone(code):wikitext(v)))end--[[Checks non-demo stub template for documentation and flags if doc is present.All stub cats names are checked and flagged if it does not match 'Category: [] stub'.The main stub cat is exempt from the name check if the stub template has its own doc(presumably, this doc would have an explanation as to why the main stub cat is non-conforming).]]table.insert(stubCats.v, v == '' and not p.demo and pageDoc.exists and'Stub message templates with documentation subpages'or not cat:match' stubs$' and {k = 'S', t = page.text})endend--Add category names after loop is completedcategory(stubCats.v)return #stubCats.missing > 0 and ombox{--Changed, original msg:--One or more of the stub categories defined in this template do not seem to exist!--Please double-check the parameters {{para|category}}, {{para|category1}} and {{para|category2}}.'The following parameter'.. (#stubCats.missing == 1 and ' defines a stub category that does' or 's define stub categories that do').. ' not exist: ' .. mw.text.listToText(stubCats.missing),{k = 'N', t = page.text}}end--Shows population of categories found by catStub(). Outputs demo values if nonelocal function population()local wikitext, base = {}, '* [[:Kategoriya:%s]] (populasyon: %s)\n'if not args.category and stubCats[1] ~= false thentable.insert(stubCats, 1, false)endfor _, v in ipairs(stubCats) dotable.insert(wikitext, base:format(v and args['category' .. v] or '{{{category}}}',v and['category' .. v], 'all') or 0))endreturn table.concat(wikitext)end--Includes standard stub documention and flags stub templates with bad parameter values.function p.templatepage(frame, page)args, page = p:init(frame, page)local tStubDoc ='Plantilya:Dokumentasyon sa saha'local pageDoc = page:subPageTitle('doc')--Reorganization note: Original Asbox alternates between outputting categories and checking on params |category#=.--Rather than checking multiple times and switching tasks, all stub category param operations have been rolled into catStub()return Buffer(ombox{--Show ombox warnings for missing args.ifNot = args.category,'The <code>|category</code> parameter is not set. Please add an appropriate stub category.',{k = 'C', t = page.text}}):_(ombox{ifNot = args.subject or args.article or args.qualifier,'This stub template contains no description! At least one of the parameters <code>|subject</code>, <code>|article</code> or <code>|qualifier</code> must be defined.',{k = 'D', t = page.text}}):_(catStub(page, pageDoc))--catStub() may also return an ombox if there are non-existing categories:_(category{done = p.demo ~= 'doc',--Outputs categories if not doc demo'Mga plantilya nga saha',args.icon and'Mga plantilya nga saha gamit og parametrong ikon'or args.image and ('Media:' .. mw.text.split(args.image, '|')[1]).exists--do nothing if exists. category() will reject trueor {k = 'B', t = page.text})or 'Stub message templates without images',args.imagealt and {k = 'I', t = page.text},}):_((not p.demo or p.demo == 'doc') and--Add standard stub template documentationrequire('Module:Documentation').main{content = Buffer(page.text ~= 'Stub' and--This comparison performed in {{Asbox/stubtree}} before it invokes Module:Asbox stubtreerequire('Module:Asbox stubtree').subtree{args = {pagename = page.text}}):_in'\n== Mahitungod niini ==\nKini nga template gigamit sa pag-ila sa usa ka':_(args.subject):_'saha':_(args.qualifier):_out' '--space:_'. Gigamit mao ang {{[[Plantilya:Asbox|asbox]]}}, nga usa ka meta-template nga gidisenyo aron mapagaan ang proseso sa paghimo og pagmentinar sa mga plantilya sa saha.\n=== Sa pag-gamit ===\nMagsulat ka og ':_(mw.html.create'code':wikitext('{{', page.text == 'Stub' and 'stub' or page.text, '}}')):_' aron mugna ang mensahe nga gipakita sa sinugdanan, ug idugang ang artikulo sa mosunod nga (mga) kategoriya':_':\n':_(population()):_(pageDoc.exists and--transclusion of /doc if it existsframe:expandTemplate{title = pageDoc.text}):_'\n== Kahibal-an==\n':_(frame:expandTemplate{title = tStubDoc.text}):_'\n\n'(),['link box'] = Buffer'Kini nga dokumentasyon gihimo dayon sa [[Module:Asbox]].':_in'Ang kinatibuk-ang kasayuran gi-transclude gikan sa [[Plantilya:Dokumentasyon sa saha]]. ':_(mw.html.create'span':cssText'font-size:smaller;font-style:normal;line-height:130%':node(('([%s edit] | [%s history])'):format(tStubDoc:fullUrl('action=edit', 'relative'),tStubDoc:fullUrl('action=history', 'relative')))):_out():_(page.protectionLevels.edit and page.protectionLevels.edit[1] == 'sysop' and"This template is [[WP:PROTECT|fully protected]] and any [[WP:CAT|categories]] should be added to the template's [".. pageDoc:fullUrl('action=edit&preload=Template:Category_interwiki/preload', 'relative').. '| /doc] subpage, which is not protected.')' <br/>'})()endfunction p.main(frame, page)args, page = p:init(frame, page)local output = mw.html.create'div':attr{role = 'note'}:addClass'metadata plainlinks asbox stub':tag'table':attr{role = 'presentation'}:tag'tr':addClass'noresize':node((args.icon or args.image) andmw.html.create'td':wikitext(args.icon or ('[[File:%s|%spx|alt=%s]]'):format(args.image or '',args.pix or '40x30',args.imagealt or 'Stub icon'))):tag'td':tag'p':addClass'asbox-body':wikitext(Buffer'Kinìng maong ':_(args.subject):_(args.artikulo or 'artikulo'):_(args.qualifier)' ',--space' mao usa ka [[Wikipedya:Saha|Saha]]. [[Wikipedya:Padak-a ang mga saha|Makatábang]] ka sa Wikipedya pinaági sa [',page:fullUrl('action=edit', 'relative'),' pag-uswág ug pag-punô niini].'):done():node(args.note andmw.html.create():tag'p':addClass'asbox-note':wikitext(args.note):done()):allDone():node( andrequire'Module:Navbar'._navbar{,mini = 'yes',})--[[Stub categories for templates include a sort key; this ensures that all stub tags appear at the beginning of their respective categories.Articles using the template do not need a sort key since they have unique names.When p.demo equals 'doc', the demo stub categories will appear as those for a stub template.Otherwise, any non-nil p.demo will emulate article space categories (plus any error cats unless set to 'art')]]if page.namespace == 0 then -- Main namespacecategory'Mga panid nga saha'catStub()elseif p.demo thenif p.demo ~= 'doc' then catStub() end--Unless p.demo is set to 'art', it will also include error categories normally only shown on--the template but not in the article. The elseif after namespace == 0 means demo cats will never show in article space.p.demodoc = p.demo ~= 'art' and p.templatepage(frame, page)output = mw.html.create():node(output):tag'small':wikitext('Demo categories: ',(category{done = true}:gsub('(%[%[)(Category:)([^|%]]-)(%|)', '%1%2%3|%2%3%4'):gsub('(%[%[)(Category:)', '%1:%2'))):done():wikitext(p.demo == 'doc' and p.demodoc or nil)else--Checks for valid name; emulates original template's check using {{FULLPAGENAME:{{{name|}}}}}local normalizedName = or '')if normalizedName and normalizedName.fullText == page.fullText thenoutput = mw.html.create():node(output):wikitext(p.templatepage(frame, page))elseif not page.isSubpage and page.namespace == 10 then-- Template namespace and not a subpagecategory{{k = and 'E' or 'W', t = page.text}}endendreturn frame:extensionTag{ name = 'templatestyles', args = { src = templatestyles} } .. tostring(output:wikitext(not p.demo and category{done = true} or nil))endreturn p

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