Mô đun:Infobox

Tài liệu mô đun[xem] [sửa] [lịch sử] [làm mới]

Module:Infoboxmodule trong đó thực hiện định dạng thiết kế {{Infobox}}. Vui lòng xem trang tài liệu để biết hướng dẫn sử dụng.

---- Mô đun này thực hiện [[Bản mẫu:Infobox]].--local p = {}local navbar = require('Module:Navbar')._navbarlocal args = {}local origArgs = {}local rootlocal function notempty( s ) return s and s:match( '%S' ) endlocal function fixChildBoxes(sval, tt)if notempty(sval) thenlocal marker = '<span class=special_infobox_marker>'local s = svals = mw.ustring.gsub(s, '(<%s*[Tt][Rr])', marker .. '%1')s = mw.ustring.gsub(s, '(</[Tt][Rr]%s*>)', '%1' .. marker)if s:match(marker) thens = mw.ustring.gsub(s, marker .. '%s*' .. marker, '')s = mw.ustring.gsub(s, '([\r\n]|-[^\r\n]*[\r\n])%s*' .. marker, '%1')s = mw.ustring.gsub(s, marker .. '%s*([\r\n]|-)', '%1')s = mw.ustring.gsub(s, '(</[Cc][Aa][Pp][Tt][Ii][Oo][Nn]%s*>%s*)' .. marker, '%1')s = mw.ustring.gsub(s, '(<%s*[Tt][Aa][Bb][Ll][Ee][^<>]*>%s*)' .. marker, '%1')s = mw.ustring.gsub(s, '^(%{|[^\r\n]*[\r\n]%s*)' .. marker, '%1')s = mw.ustring.gsub(s, '([\r\n]%{|[^\r\n]*[\r\n]%s*)' .. marker, '%1')s = mw.ustring.gsub(s, marker .. '(%s*</[Tt][Aa][Bb][Ll][Ee]%s*>)', '%1')s = mw.ustring.gsub(s, marker .. '(%s*\n|%})', '%1')endif s:match(marker) thenlocal subcells = mw.text.split(s, marker)s = ''for k = 1, #subcells doif k == 1 thens = s .. subcells[k] .. '</' .. tt .. '></tr>'elseif k == #subcells thenlocal rowstyle = ' style="display:none"'if notempty(subcells[k]) then rowstyle = ''ends = s .. '<tr' .. rowstyle ..'><' .. tt .. ' colspan=2>\n' .. subcells[k]elseif notempty(subcells[k]) thenif (k % 2) == 0 thens = s .. subcells[k]elses = s .. '<tr><' .. tt .. ' colspan=2>\n' .. subcells[k] .. '</' .. tt .. '></tr>'endendendend-- the next two lines add a newline at the end of lists for the PHP parser-- https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Template_talk:Infobox_musical_artist&oldid=849054481-- remove when [[:phab:T191516]] is fixed or OBEs = mw.ustring.gsub(s, '([\r\n][%*#;:][^\r\n]*)$', '%1\n')s = mw.ustring.gsub(s, '^([%*#;:][^\r\n]*)$', '%1\n')s = mw.ustring.gsub(s, '^([%*#;:])', '\n%1')s = mw.ustring.gsub(s, '^(%{%|)', '\n%1')return selsereturn svalendendlocal function union(t1, t2)-- Returns the union of the values of two tables, as a sequence.local vals = {}for k, v in pairs(t1) dovals[v] = trueendfor k, v in pairs(t2) dovals[v] = trueendlocal ret = {}for k, v in pairs(vals) dotable.insert(ret, k)endreturn retendlocal function getArgNums(prefix)-- Returns a table containing the numbers of the arguments that exist-- for the specified prefix. For example, if the prefix was 'data', and-- 'data1', 'data2', and 'data5' exist, it would return {1, 2, 5}.local nums = {}for k, v in pairs(args) dolocal num = tostring(k):match('^' .. prefix .. '([1-9]%d*)$')if num then table.insert(nums, tonumber(num)) endendtable.sort(nums)return numsendlocal function addRow(rowArgs)-- Adds a row to the infobox, with either a header cell-- or a label/data cell combination.if rowArgs.header and rowArgs.header ~= '_BLANK_' thenroot:tag('tr'):addClass(rowArgs.rowclass):cssText(rowArgs.rowstyle):attr('id', rowArgs.rowid):tag('th'):attr('colspan', 2):attr('id', rowArgs.headerid):addClass(rowArgs.class):addClass(args.headerclass):css('text-align', 'center'):css('padding', '5px'):cssText(args.headerstyle):cssText(rowArgs.rowcellstyle):wikitext(fixChildBoxes(rowArgs.header, 'th'))if rowArgs.data thenroot:wikitext('[[Thể loại:Trang nhúng bản mẫu hộp thông tin có hàng dữ liệu bị bỏ qua]]')endelseif rowArgs.data thenif not rowArgs.data:gsub('%[%[%s*[Cc][Aa][Tt][Ee][Gg][Oo][Rr][Yy]%s*:[^]]*]]', ''):match('^%S') thenrowArgs.rowstyle = 'display:none'endlocal row = root:tag('tr')row:addClass(rowArgs.rowclass)row:cssText(rowArgs.rowstyle)row:attr('id', rowArgs.rowid)if rowArgs.label thenrow:tag('th'):attr('scope', 'row'):attr('id', rowArgs.labelid):cssText(args.labelstyle):cssText(rowArgs.rowcellstyle):wikitext(rowArgs.label):done()endlocal dataCell = row:tag('td')if not rowArgs.label thendataCell:attr('colspan', 2):css('text-align', 'center')enddataCell:attr('id', rowArgs.dataid):addClass(rowArgs.class):cssText(rowArgs.datastyle):cssText(rowArgs.rowcellstyle):wikitext(fixChildBoxes(rowArgs.data, 'td'))endendlocal function renderTitle()if not args.title then return endroot:tag('caption'):addClass(args.titleclass):cssText(args.titlestyle):wikitext(args.title)endlocal function renderAboveRow()if not args.above then return endroot:tag('tr'):tag('th'):attr('colspan', 2):addClass(args.aboveclass):css('padding', '12px'):css('text-align', 'center'):css('vertical-align', 'middle'):css('line-height', '1.1em'):css('font-size', '135%'):css('font-weight', 'bold'):css('color', 'black'):cssText(args.abovestyle):wikitext(fixChildBoxes(args.above,'th'))endlocal function renderBelowRow()if not args.below then return endroot:tag('tr'):tag('td'):attr('colspan', '2'):addClass(args.belowclass):css('text-align', 'center'):cssText(args.belowstyle):wikitext(fixChildBoxes(args.below,'td'))endlocal function renderSubheaders()if args.subheader thenargs.subheader1 = args.subheaderendif args.subheaderrowclass thenargs.subheaderrowclass1 = args.subheaderrowclassendlocal subheadernums = getArgNums('subheader')for k, num in ipairs(subheadernums) doaddRow({data = args['subheader' .. tostring(num)],datastyle = args.subheaderstyle,rowcellstyle = args['subheaderstyle' .. tostring(num)],class = args.subheaderclass,rowclass = args['subheaderrowclass' .. tostring(num)]})endendlocal function renderImages()if args.image thenargs.image1 = args.imageendif args.caption thenargs.caption1 = args.captionendlocal imagenums = getArgNums('image')for k, num in ipairs(imagenums) dolocal caption = args['caption' .. tostring(num)]local data = mw.html.create():wikitext(args['image' .. tostring(num)])if caption thendata:tag('div'):css('padding', '5px'):cssText(args.captionstyle):wikitext(caption)endaddRow({data = tostring(data),datastyle = args.imagestyle,class = args.imageclass,rowclass = args['imagerowclass' .. tostring(num)]})endendlocal function preprocessRows()-- Gets the union of the header and data argument numbers,-- and renders them all in order using addRow.local rownums = union(getArgNums('header'), getArgNums('data'))table.sort(rownums)local lastheaderfor k, num in ipairs(rownums) doif args['header' .. tostring(num)] thenif lastheader thenargs['header' .. tostring(lastheader)] = nilendlastheader = numelseif args['data' .. tostring(num)] and args['data' .. tostring(num)]:gsub('%[%[%s*[Cc][Aa][Tt][Ee][Gg][Oo][Rr][Yy]%s*:[^]]*]]', ''):match('^%S') thenlocal data = args['data' .. tostring(num)]if data:gsub('%[%[%s*[Cc][Aa][Tt][Ee][Gg][Oo][Rr][Yy]%s*:[^]]*]]', ''):match('%S') thenlastheader = nilendelseif args['data' .. tostring(num)] and mw.ustring.match(mw.ustring.gsub(args['data' .. tostring(num)], '%[%[%s*[Tt][Hh][Ểể][_ ]-[Ll][Oo][Ạạ][Ii]%s*:[^]]*]]', ''), '^%S') thenlocal data = args['data' .. tostring(num)]if mw.ustring.match(mw.ustring.gsub(data, '%[%[%s*[Tt][Hh][Ểể][_ ]-[Ll][Oo][Ạạ][Ii]%s*:[^]]*]]', ''), '%S') thenlastheader = nilendendendif lastheader thenargs['header' .. tostring(lastheader)] = nilendendlocal function renderRows()-- Gets the union of the header and data argument numbers,-- and renders them all in order using addRow.local rownums = union(getArgNums('header'), getArgNums('data'))table.sort(rownums)for k, num in ipairs(rownums) doaddRow({header = args['header' .. tostring(num)],label = args['label' .. tostring(num)],data = args['data' .. tostring(num)],datastyle = args.datastyle,class = args['class' .. tostring(num)],rowclass = args['rowclass' .. tostring(num)],rowstyle = args['rowstyle' .. tostring(num)],rowcellstyle = args['rowcellstyle' .. tostring(num)],dataid = args['dataid' .. tostring(num)],labelid = args['labelid' .. tostring(num)],headerid = args['headerid' .. tostring(num)],rowid = args['rowid' .. tostring(num)]})endendlocal function renderNavBar()if not args.name then return endroot:tag('tr'):tag('td'):attr('colspan', '2'):css('text-align', 'right'):wikitext(navbar{args.name,mini = 1,})endlocal function renderItalicTitle()local italicTitle = args['italic title'] and mw.ustring.lower(args['italic title'])if italicTitle == '' or italicTitle == 'force' or italicTitle == 'yes' thenroot:wikitext(mw.getCurrentFrame():expandTemplate({title = 'italic title'}))endendlocal function renderTrackingCategories()if args.decat ~= 'yes' thenif args.child == 'yes' thenif args.title thenroot:wikitext('[[Thể loại:Bài có hộp thông tin có tham số title]]')endelseif #(getArgNums('data')) == 0 and mw.title.getCurrentTitle().namespace == 0 thenroot:wikitext('[[Thể loại:Bài có hộp thông tin không có hàng dữ liệu]]')endendendlocal function _infobox()-- Specify the overall layout of the infobox, with special settings-- if the infobox is used as a 'child' inside another infobox.if args.child ~= 'yes' thenroot = mw.html.create('table')root:addClass((args.subbox ~= 'yes') and 'infobox' or nil):addClass(args.bodyclass)if args.subbox == 'yes' thenroot:css('padding', '0'):css('border', 'none'):css('margin', '-3px'):css('width', 'auto'):css('min-width', '100%'):css('font-size', '100%'):css('clear', 'none'):css('float', 'none'):css('background-color', 'transparent')elseroot:css('width', '22em')endroot:cssText(args.bodystyle)renderTitle()renderAboveRow()elseroot = mw.html.create()root:wikitext(args.title)endrenderSubheaders()renderImages()if args.autoheaders thenpreprocessRows()endrenderRows()renderBelowRow()renderNavBar()renderItalicTitle()renderTrackingCategories()return tostring(root)endlocal function preprocessSingleArg(argName)-- If the argument exists and isn't blank, add it to the argument table.-- Blank arguments are treated as nil to match the behaviour of ParserFunctions.if origArgs[argName] and origArgs[argName] ~= '' thenargs[argName] = origArgs[argName]endendlocal function preprocessArgs(prefixTable, step)-- Assign the parameters with the given prefixes to the args table, in order, in batches-- of the step size specified. This is to prevent references etc. from appearing in the-- wrong order. The prefixTable should be an array containing tables, each of which has-- two possible fields, a "prefix" string and a "depend" table. The function always parses-- parameters containing the "prefix" string, but only parses parameters in the "depend"-- table if the prefix parameter is present and non-blank.if type(prefixTable) ~= 'table' thenerror("Non-table value detected for the prefix table", 2)endif type(step) ~= 'number' thenerror("Invalid step value detected", 2)end-- Get arguments without a number suffix, and check for bad input.for i,v in ipairs(prefixTable) doif type(v) ~= 'table' or type(v.prefix) ~= "string" or (v.depend and type(v.depend) ~= 'table') thenerror('Invalid input detected to preprocessArgs prefix table', 2)endpreprocessSingleArg(v.prefix)-- Only parse the depend parameter if the prefix parameter is present and not blank.if args[v.prefix] and v.depend thenfor j, dependValue in ipairs(v.depend) doif type(dependValue) ~= 'string' thenerror('Invalid "depend" parameter value detected in preprocessArgs')endpreprocessSingleArg(dependValue)endendend-- Get arguments with number suffixes.local a = 1 -- Counter variable.local moreArgumentsExist = truewhile moreArgumentsExist == true domoreArgumentsExist = falsefor i = a, a + step - 1 dofor j,v in ipairs(prefixTable) dolocal prefixArgName = v.prefix .. tostring(i)if origArgs[prefixArgName] thenmoreArgumentsExist = true -- Do another loop if any arguments are found, even blank ones.preprocessSingleArg(prefixArgName)end-- Process the depend table if the prefix argument is present and not blank, or-- we are processing "prefix1" and "prefix" is present and not blank, and-- if the depend table is present.if v.depend and (args[prefixArgName] or (i == 1 and args[v.prefix])) thenfor j,dependValue in ipairs(v.depend) dolocal dependArgName = dependValue .. tostring(i)preprocessSingleArg(dependArgName)endendendenda = a + stependendlocal function parseDataParameters()-- Parse the data parameters in the same order that the old {{infobox}} did, so that-- references etc. will display in the expected places. Parameters that depend on-- another parameter are only processed if that parameter is present, to avoid-- phantom references appearing in article reference lists.preprocessSingleArg('autoheaders')preprocessSingleArg('child')preprocessSingleArg('bodyclass')preprocessSingleArg('subbox')preprocessSingleArg('bodystyle')preprocessSingleArg('title')preprocessSingleArg('titleclass')preprocessSingleArg('titlestyle')preprocessSingleArg('above')preprocessSingleArg('aboveclass')preprocessSingleArg('abovestyle')preprocessArgs({{prefix = 'subheader', depend = {'subheaderstyle', 'subheaderrowclass'}}}, 10)preprocessSingleArg('subheaderstyle')preprocessSingleArg('subheaderclass')preprocessArgs({{prefix = 'image', depend = {'caption', 'imagerowclass'}}}, 10)preprocessSingleArg('captionstyle')preprocessSingleArg('imagestyle')preprocessSingleArg('imageclass')preprocessArgs({{prefix = 'header'},{prefix = 'data', depend = {'label'}},{prefix = 'rowclass'},{prefix = 'rowstyle'},{prefix = 'rowcellstyle'},{prefix = 'class'},{prefix = 'dataid'},{prefix = 'labelid'},{prefix = 'headerid'},{prefix = 'rowid'}}, 50)preprocessSingleArg('headerclass')preprocessSingleArg('headerstyle')preprocessSingleArg('labelstyle')preprocessSingleArg('datastyle')preprocessSingleArg('below')preprocessSingleArg('belowclass')preprocessSingleArg('belowstyle')preprocessSingleArg('name')args['italic title'] = origArgs['italic title'] -- different behaviour if blank or absentpreprocessSingleArg('decat')endfunction p.infobox(frame)-- If called via #invoke, use the args passed into the invoking template.-- Otherwise, for testing purposes, assume args are being passed directly in.if frame == mw.getCurrentFrame() thenorigArgs = frame:getParent().argselseorigArgs = frameendparseDataParameters()return _infobox()endfunction p.infoboxTemplate(frame)-- For calling via #invoke within a templateorigArgs = {}for k,v in pairs(frame.args) do origArgs[k] = mw.text.trim(v) endparseDataParameters()return _infobox()endreturn p
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