Charles Aidman

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Charles Aidman

Charles Aidman
Charles Aidman
qalang nyaryax 21 tay byacing na 1 kawas na 1925, Frankfort, Indiana, U.S.
bes nya
Frances Marie Spriggs (tay kawas 1957 maki msqun, maki tay kawas 1967 t’alax)
Betty Hyatt Linton (tay kawas 1969 maki msqun, mhuqil sa kawas tay 1993)

kawas tay 1925, ryax sa tay 21 nqu tay 1, Charles Aidman, squliq na Bunge’. (wal mhuqil sa kawas tay 1993)

cinkhulan sa knita’ sa brbiru’

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