List of living Medal of Honor recipients

List of living Medal of Honor recipients: Wikimedia list article

There are currently 65 living recipients of the Medal of Honor, the U.S. military's highest decoration. Of the living recipients, two were awarded in the Korean War, 47 in the Vietnam War, 14 in the War in Afghanistan, and two in the War in Iraq. Four medal holders are still on active duty in the U.S. military, soldiers Thomas Payne, Earl Plumlee, William Swenson, and Matthew Williams.

Living recipients

 Hiroshi H. MiyamuraArmy96
 Ralph PuckettArmy95
 John BacaArmy73
 Donald E. BallardNavy76
 Harvey C. Barnum, Jr.Marine Corps82
 Dwight W. BirdwellArmy74
 Patrick H. BradyArmy85
 Paul BuchaArmy79
 Bruce P. CrandallArmy89
 Sammy L. DavisArmy75
 Drew D. DixArmy77
 Roger DonlonArmy88
John J. DuffyArmy84
 Frederick E. FergusonArmy82
Michael J. FitzmauriceArmy72
 James P. FlemingAir Force79
 Robert F. FoleyArmy81
 Harold A. FritzArmy78
 Dennis FujiiArmy73
Frank A. HerdaArmy74
Robert R. IngramNavy77
 Jack H. JacobsArmy77
 Don J. JenkinsArmy74
 Thomas G. KelleyNavy83
 Allan J. KelloggMarine Corps78
 Bob KerreyNavy78
Peter C. LemonArmy72
 Gary L. LittrellArmy77
 James E. LivingstonMarine Corps82
 Allen J. LynchArmy76
 Walter J. Marm, Jr.Army80
 James C. McCloughanArmy76
 Robert J. ModrzejewskiMarine Corps88
 Melvin MorrisArmy80
 Thomas R. NorrisNavy78
 Robert E. O'MalleyMarine Corps79
 Robert M. PattersonArmy74
 Alfred V. RasconArmy76
Ronald E. RayArmy80
Gordon R. RobertsArmy72
 Jose RodelaArmy85
 Gary M. RoseArmy74
 Clarence SasserArmy74
James M. SprayberryArmy75
James A. TaylorArmy84
 Brian ThackerArmy77
 Michael E. ThorntonNavy73
 Jay R. VargasMarine Corps84
 Gary WetzelArmy74
 Edward ByersNavy43
 Kyle CarpenterMarine Corps32
 Ty CarterArmy42
 Salvatore GiuntaArmy37
 Florent GrobergArmy39
 Dakota MeyerMarine Corps34
 Leroy PetryArmy43
 Ryan M. PittsArmy36
 Earl PlumleeArmy42
 Clinton RomeshaArmy40
 Britt K. SlabinskiNavy52
 William D. SwensonArmy43
 Kyle J. WhiteArmy35
 Matthew O. WilliamsArmy40
 David BellaviaArmy46
 Thomas PayneArmy38


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