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Care Bears

Fictional character group

The Care Bears are a very successful toy franchise from the 1980s. Over forty million of these stuffed teddy bears, made with a variety of colours, were sold from 1983 to 1987. Each Bear had a name, a job, and a symbol tied to it. For example, Funshine Bear helps people wake up, and has a sun on his stomach.

The toys were first made as characters on cards in 1981; the original artwork was done by James Lewis. Later, other toys called the Care Bear Cousins were introduced.

They also gave way to three animated movies for the cinema in the mid-1980s. A related TV series from DIC and, later, Canada's Nelvana Limited came out at almost that same time.

Recently, Care Bear toys have been brought back in a new edition for the twenty-first century. As part of this comeback, the Bears have appeared in their first two DVD movies (both computer-animated), as well as a few video games.

Care Bears

First ten

Bedtime BearAqua blueMaleCurved moon
Birthday BearGolden yellowMaleSmall cake
Cheer BearCarnation pinkFemaleRainbow
Friend BearPeach/Yellow orangeFemale (1980's-2018)
Male (2020-present)
Two flowers
Funshine BearLemon yellowFemale (1980's)
Male (2002-)
Smiling sun
Good Luck BearGreenMaleFour-leaf clover
Grumpy BearIndigo blueMaleRain cloud
Love-A-Lot BearMagenta pinkFemaleTwo hearts
Tenderheart BearBrown/Bronwn orangeMaleRed heart
Wish BearTurquoiseFemaleShooting star which forms a yellow rainbow

The later additions

USA – 1980s
Baby Hugs BearLight pinkFemaleSmiling Star inside a Pink Heart
Baby Tugs BearLight blueMaleSmiling star inside a diaper
Champ BearTan/Royal blueMaleTrophy
Grams BearGray/Dark blue/TurquoiseFemaleRose
Harmony BearVioletFemaleSmiling Flower
Secret BearTangerine/MagentaMale and FemalePadlock
Share BearLavender/MagentaFemalemilk shake with two straws and Two Crossed lollipops with hearts on them
Take Care BearHoney yellow/Light hot pinkMaleSmiling heart
True Heart BearLight yellow/White/Pale pinkFemaleRadiating star inside a heart
UK – 1980s
Daydream BearPale pink/Blue-violetMaleHeart Shaped Planet
Forest Friend BearForest brownMaleTrees
Sea Friend BearSea blueMaleWave
I Love You BearGolden yellowFemaleRed heart with text saying "I love you"
Surprise BearSky blue/Amethyst purpleFemaleJack-in-the-box

New Bears (2004)

America Cares BearWhiteMaleShooting star
Do-Your-Best BearLime greenMaleKite
Laugh-A-Lot BearDark orangeFemaleLaughing star
Smart Heart BearCerise redFemaleRed apple
Thanks-A-Lot BearTealfemaleShooting star
Best Friend BearOrchidFemaleRainbow with heart and star
Bashful Heart BearSea greenMaleRainbow on a cloud with a pink heart
Hopeful Heart BearFuchsia pinkFemalePink heart surrounded by multicolored rays of light
Too-Loud BearCoral redMaleRed and yellow megaphone
Me BearLavender pinkFemaleHeart-shaped mirror
Messy BearPeriwinkle blueMaleSilly tornado
Shine Bright BearMagentaFemaleYellow sun inside a purple heart
Superstar BearLemon yellowFemale (2006-2008)
Gender-neutral (2020-present)
Orange star with red and yellow borders with a red heart inside surrounded by three small hearts
Heartsong BearTurquoise blueFemaleMulticolored music note with three small hearts
Play-a-Lot BearSky blueMaleViolet bouncing ball with red heart stamp and a rainbow trail
Sweet Dreams BearMauveFemaleLight pink moon resting on a cloud surrounded by small hearts
Always There BearRed pinkFemaleTwo smiling pink and lavender intertwined hearts
Amigo BearOrange-redMaleOrange sun
Oopsy BearChartreuse greenMaleShooting star
Wonderheart BearDark pinkFemaleThree-layered heart
Rainbow Heart BearNeon purpleFemaleRainbow heart
Watchful BearPastel greenMaleStar with swirls
Togetherness BearMulticolorFemaleRainbow heart
Dream Bright BearSky blue and LavenderFemaleWinged heart with rising rainbow

Care Bear Cousins

Brave Heart LionOrangeMaleHeart with a crown
Bright Heart RaccoonPurpleMaleHeart shaped lightbulb
Cozy Heart PenguinLilac and WhiteFemaleHeart w/cap
Gentle Heart LambMint greenFemaleHeart-shaped pillow
Lotsa Heart ElephantPinkFemalePink weight
Loyal Heart DogBlueMaleHeart-shaped medal
Noble Heart HorsePurpleMaleMulti-colored Heart
Perfect and Polite PandaBlack/White/GrayMale and femaleStar/Flower
Playful Heart MonkeyAmberFemaleHeart w/ party hat
Proud Heart CatAmber and TurquoisefemaleHeart inside star
Swift Heart RabbitSky bluefemaleHeart with wings
Treat Heart PigYellowFemaleIce cream cone

The movies

  1. The Care Bears Movie (1985)
  2. Care Bears Movie II: A New Generation (1986)
  3. The Care Bears Adventure in Wonderland (1987)
  4. Care Bears: Journey to Joke-a-lot (2004) (direct to video)
  5. The Care Bears' Big Wish Movie (2005) (direct to video)
  6. Care Bears: Oopsy Does It! (2007) (direct to video)
  7. Care Bears: Share Bear Shines (2009) (direct to video)

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