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Coud we no cry this the commonty yett?Jimmy 20:31, 15 Julie 2005 (UTC)

    Nae a bad idea. -- Derek Ross 23:54, 15 Julie 2005 (UTC)

Since there is no instruction on making a wikipedia page, and i would like to make one, may i request a Nickelodean page, a Bill Gates page, and a Ted Turner page to be created. I actually have many many pages to ask for but i will need the code to start one with, or at least to know where to start one, i know how but not where to look to create one. -- Mrmattkatt 00:14, 8 Februar 2006 (UTC)

    Aye, there is. Tak a leuk at the Lessons link on the Commonty Yett page. Ye'll lear the wey tae mak a neow page there. -- Derek Ross 01:01, 8 Februar 2006 (UTC)

Commontie Yetties

I suggest that the scrievers on the yett be called "yetties". - Muckle Fit

Cuid somebody gie us a lingueestic haund?

No shuir this is the best place for this tae gang but A'm no shuir whaur'd be better. A'm daein a coorse in applee'd lingueestics that A hiv tae dae a project for. Ane o the subjects A thocht o wis the relationship atween a body's politics (speceefically unionist/naitionalist in a Scots context), an whit they thocht o Scots (an whither they cuid speak Scots).

A seem tae mind seein that this haed been duin afore somewhaur. A mind seein a table, the mak o the ablo, in a beuk whaur this subject got mentioned in passin:

PoliticsKnowledge about/attitude towards ScotsKnowledge of Scots

'Hing is that that wis twa-three year syne an A cannae mind the name o the beuk or its author nou. Oniebodie seen oniething like this afore? If they hiv cuid they pynt me tae whit beuk/study it wis cam up wi't?

Cheers --Mendor 14:36, 9 October 2006 (UTC)

Thank ye for that, 84.135. In the end A decidit tae dae an examination o leid plannin efforts in Northren Ireland (sairy, Norlin Airlann) insteid -- but thon beuks'll be uissfu for that an a'. Cheers --Mendor 20:39, 18 October 2006 (UTC)

Flittin pages

If fowk want tae flit pages, can they please uise the flit tag up at the tap o the screen.

Sneddin an batterin the text fae ae place tae anither messes up the history o the page. This history is required sae's aw contreebutors tae an airticle is recordit, tae comply wi the free documentation license.

Fowk that isna loggit in willna see a "flit" button, ye'll hae tae mak an accoont or ask some ither body tae dae it.

Fowk that isna admins canna flit pages ower ither pages that awreadies exist. Gin ye want tae dae that, ask an admin tae dae it for ye.

Cheers, Mendor 17:03, 8 October 2007 (UTC)

    Sairy! A didna think on that. Weel A ken better nou. A'v ettelt tae clear that at Wiki: Lessons (Pynts ti mind) an made Template:Flit, whit isna awfu guid acause a body maun edit the template. Shoud there no be twa? The tane on the current page an the tither on whaur it shoud flit tae? Thon wey a sysop will see in Category:Airticles tae be flittit whitna airticles needs flittin. O course thae templates shoud wirk athoot a body haein tae dae ony editin o the template. A dinna ken hou tae sort siclike. 08:32, 9 October 2007 (UTC)

Template:Map caption

Hi, A tried tae fix the reid link unner the cairts whan the Kintra Infobox is uised by copyin the en: template that it asked for. It wirked for Template:Map caption but then it haed a reid link for Template: Spaces, so A copied that an aa. Houaniver, it seems tae hae anerly wirked some o the time (on UK but no on Albanie). An then it asked for Template:Loops, sae a copied it but it haesna wirked.

Sae, afore A flood oor Wiki wi hunners o Templates that dinnae e'en wirk, A thocht A shuid speir for help. Scroggie 22:52, 2 Mairch 2008 (UTC)

Template User sw

Hello. I create this template without to inform this community. And I'm not feel good without to put my sw code into Wikibael, that's why I create that template. But I appologize for what happened!


--Muddyb Blast Producer 10:35, 19 Juin 2008 (UTC)


Hey guys, I'm very happy that there's a Wikipedia in Scottish. I myself am from Macedonia (u remember, the country that u played football in the qualifiers in 2008 with, and ye lost 2-1, but that's not the point ;)). Well since Scots and Macedonians have become great friends (just look it up on youtube, Scotland in Skopje), and our capital is full of stickers that say Scottish, not British!, and the fact that the party went on without any hostilities (in fact, friendliness, and a bit more...) and a lot of alcohol besides the loss till the morning hours, should be enough to add Macedonian in the list of languages. Our Wikipedia has 25.000 articles, so you should add it anyway :) Cheers! Guitardemon666 22:05, 4 Mairch 2009 (UTC)


Hi, A wis uisin the Online Scots Dictionary an A cam across Fire-birn whilk it says means sea phosphorescence. A typed thon intae en:wiki an A fund Marine Phosphorescence that re-airts tae Bioluminescence. Daes onybodie ken gin this is whit is meant by fire-birn? Gin it is than it's affae interestin acause we're teachit tae believe that Scots anerly haes wirds for fermin an auld farrant things. Scroggie 12:05, 7 Dizember 2009 (UTC)

Weelum or Willum?

A wis makkin the airticle for William II, Keeng o Scots an A came across Weelum or Willum as the Scots for William. Onybody hae ony insicht intae whilk we shoud use Weelum, Willum or juist William? Scroggie 23:39, 17 Mairch 2010 (UTC)


Some admin can add <includeonly>__DISAMBIG__</includeonly> on Template:Disambig? (see this page for detail, so it's easy to check if a page is a really disambiguation page and last but not least is automatically filled :) Maybe also in Template:Geodis is necessary. Thanks --ValterVB (tauk) 08:58, 15 August 2014 (UTC)

Months in Scots causing errors

Hello, I'm trying to clear up some of the errors her, and I came across something. Some articles have cites with the months in Scots (Mairch, Apryle, etc) and this is causing errors. See Akaa for example. Can the template be adjusted to treat these as correct instead of errors?--Auric (tauk) 11:32, 19 Juin 2016 (UTC)

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