Wiki: Contact us

For tae send a message that onybody can read:

Hou tae contact a Wikipaedia uiser...

Post a public message

  1. Type Uiser talk:<uisername> in the rake kistie tae the left. Sae, for tae contact "Example" type User talk:Example. Syne sneck Gang.
  2. Sneck the plus sign aside "eedit" at the tap.
  3. Type a message, feenish it wi "~~~~" an sneck scance-ower. Gin ye feel fine wi't sneck Hain page.

For tae send a private e-mail

Ye maun be loggit in an hae gien a vailit email address for tae send emails.

  1. Type Uiser:<uisername> in the rake kistie tae the left. Sae, for tae contact "Example" type Uiser collogue:Example. Syne sneck Gang.
  2. Sneck "e-mail this uiser" in the tuilkist at the dowp-end o the page tae the left.
    No aw uisers haes "e-mail this uiser" enabelt.
  3. Type a message an sneck send.

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