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Target Corporation (simply kent as Target) is an American retailin company that wis foondit in Minneapolis, Minnesota in 1902 as the Dayton Dry Goods Company. In 1962, the company opened its first Target store in nearby Roseville. Target grew an eventually became the lairgest division o Dayton Hudson Corporation, culminatin in the company chyngin its name tae Target Corporation in 2000. As o Mey 2010, the company haes opened stores in ivery state except Vermont, operatin as Target or SuperTarget.

Target Corporation
Treddit asNYSETGT
S&P 500 Component
FoonditMinneapolis, Minnesota, U.S. (1902 (1902), as Dayton Dry Guids)[1]
FoonderGeorge Dayton
HeidquartersTarget Plaza North & Target Plaza Sooth, Minneapolis, Minnesota, U.S.
Nummer o locations
1,793[2] (2016)
Aurie served
Unitit States
(except Vermont)
Key fowk
Gregg Steinhafel
(Chairman, President and CEO)
ProductsDiscount department store, hypermercat, supercenter, superstore
RevenueIncrease US$73.785 billion[2] (2015)
Increase US$5.53 billion[2] (2015)
Increase US$3.363 billion[2] (2015)
Tot assetsDecrease US$40.262 billion[2] (2015)
Tot equityDecrease US$12.957 billion[2] (2015)
Nummer o employees
341,000 (2016)

Target is the seicont lairgest discoont retailer in the Unitit States, ahint Walmart.[3][4] The company is ranked at nummer 30 on the Fortune 500 as o 2010, an is a component o the Standard & Poor's 500 index. The company licenses its bullseye trademark tae Wesfarmers, awners o the separate Target Australia chain.


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