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Prince Charles Louis o Orléans, Duke o Chartres (Charles Louis Henri Foulques Benoît Elzéar Jean Marie; born 11 Julie 1972) is the aulder son o Prince Jacques, Duke o Orléans an Gersende de Sabran-Pontevès, dochter o Foulques, 7t Duke o Sabran.

Prince Charles Louis
Duke o Chartres
Charles-Louis d'Orléans, duc de Chartres.JPG
Prince Charles Louis in 2015
Born (1972-07-11) 11 Julie 1972 (age 50)
Neuilly, Paris, France
SpouseIléana Manos (m. 1997)
IssuePrince Philippe
Princess Louise
Princess Hélène
Prince Constantin
Princess Isabelle
Full name
Charles Louis Henri Foulques Benoît Elzéar Jean Marie d'Orléans
FaitherPrince Jacques, Duke o Orléans
MitherGersende de Sabran-Pontevès
ReleegionRoman Catholic


He mairit Iléana Manos, a dochter o Konstantinos Manos (born 1937) an Sybilla (born 1942), on 21 Juin 1997 in Paris, Fraunce, in a civil marriage. Thay war mairit in a religious ceremony on 28 Juin 1997 in Skiathos.


  • Prince Philippe o Orléans (born 3 November 1998)
  • Princess Louise o Orléans (born 6 December 1999)
  • Princess Hélène o Orléans (born 24 Januar 2001)
  • Prince Constantin o Orléans (born 15 Februar 2003)
  • Princess Isabelle o Orléans (born 12 Mey 2005)

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