Gareth Frank Bale (born 16 Julie 1989) is a Welsh fitbawer thit plays for the La Liga club Real Madrid an plays for the Wales naitional team as a winger. Bale plays as a richt winger.

Gareth Bale
Gareth Bale RM.jpg
Bale durin his unveilin as a Real Madrid player in September 2013.
Personal information
Full nameGareth Frank Bale[1]
Date o birth (1989-07-16) 16 Julie 1989 (age 33)[1]
Place o birthCairdiff, Wales
Hicht1.86 m (6 ft 1 in)[2]
Playin poseetionWinger
Club information
Current team
Real Madrid
Youth career
Cardiff Civil Service
Senior career*
2007–2013Tottenham Hotspur146(42)

Real Madrid

Hotspur F.C.
Tottenham Hotspur
Naitional team
2005–2006Wales U177(1)
2006Wales U191(1)
2006–2008Wales U214(2)
* Senior club appearances an goals coontit for the domestic league anerly an correct as o 19:00, 18 Julie 2018 (UTC)
‡ Naitional team caps an goals correct as o 18 Julie 2018

Bale stairtit his profeesional career at Southampton, playin at left back an earnin acclaim as a free kick specialist. He muivit tae Tottenham Hotspur in 2007, for a eventual £7 million fee. Durin his time at Spurs, managerial an tactical shifts saw him transform intae a mair affensively-orientatit player. Frae the 2009–10 saison, Bale became a integral pairt o the team, risin tae internaitional attention durin the 2010–11 UEFA Champions League.[3][4][5] He wis namit PFA Players' Player of the Year in 2011 an 2013, an wis namit in the UEFA Team of the Year in 2011 an 2013.

Bale haes receivit plaudits frae his peers, thit hae descrieved him as a fitbawer wi "tremendous speed, great crossin abeelity, a great left fuit an exceptional pheesical qualities".[6] Durin the 2012–13 saison he wis awairdit the PFA Young Player of the Year, the PFA Players' Player of the Year an the FWA Footballer of the Year awairds.

Early an personal life

Bale wis born in Cairdiff, Wales, tae parents Frank, a schuil caretaker, an Debbie, an operations manager;[7] he attendit Eglwys Newydd Primary School at Whitchurch.[8] He is the nephew o umwhile Cardiff City fitbawer Chris Pike.[9] It wis while at this schuil he first came tae the attention o Southampton at age nine, when he wis playin in a sax-a-side tournament wi his first club, Cardiff Civil Service Football Club.[10] Growin up, his fitbaw hero wis fellae Welshman an Manchester United player Ryan Giggs.[11]

Bale attendit Whitchurch High School in Cairdiff.[12] He wis a keen athlete an played fitbaw alongside future Wales rugby captain Sam Warburton,[13] rugby, hockey an excelled at athletics.[14] As a 14-year-auld he says that he ran the 100 metre sprint in 11.4 seiconts.[11] Acause o his superior fitbawin skill, the schuil's PE teacher, Gwyn Morris, haed tae write special rules which restrictit Bale tae playin ane-touch fitbaw an no uisin his left fuit.[13] Whilst at Whitchurch, Bale trained at Southampton's satellite academy in Bath, awtho thare wis initially some dout if Southampton wad gie him a scholarship due tae his hicht.[7]

Despite bein anerly 16 at the time, he helpit the schuil's unner-18 side win the Cardiff & Vale Senior Cup. He left schuil in the simmer o 2005 wi a Grade A in PE amangst his ither GCSE results. In his feenal year at schuil, he wis awairdit the PE depairtment's prize for services tae sport. In the presentation, Morris commentit:

"Gareth has a fierce determination tae succeed and has the character and qualities tae achieve his personal goals. He is one of the most unselfish individuals that I have had the pleasure tae help educate."[15]

Bale lives in Madrid wi his pairtner Emma Rhys-Jones, his heich schuil sweethert.[16] Thair first bairn, born at the University Hospital of Wales, Cairdiff on 21 October 2012[17] wis namit Alba Violet.[18]

Career statistics


    As o 24 May 2014[19]
ClubSaisonLeagueCupLeague CupEuropeIther1Tot
Tottenham Hotspur2007–088200113000123
Real Madrid2013–14271551126004422
Career tot2136222413243141029282

1 Includes Football League Championship play-affs
2 The Spurs goal tally excludes the goal scored against Fulham on 6 November 2011, later ruled as a awn goal[20]

Naitional team

Wales national team[21]

Internaitional goals

    Scores and results list Wales' goal tally first.[21]
1.7 October 2006Millennium Stadium, Cairdiff, Wales  Slovakie1–21–5Euro 2008 qualifyin
2.28 Mairch 2007Millennium Stadium, Cairdiff, Wales  San Marino2–03–0
3.12 October 2010St. Jakob-Park, Basel, Swisserland   Switzerland1–11–4Euro 2012 qualifyin
4.7 October 2011Liberty Stadium, Swansea, Wales   Switzerland2–02–0
5.11 October 2011Vasil Levski National Stadium, Sofia, Bulgarie  Bulgarie1–01–0
6.12 November 2011Cardiff City Stadium, Cairdiff, Wales  Norawa1–04–1Friendly
7.11 September 2012Stadion Karađorđe, Novi Sad, Serbie  Serbie1–21–6Warld Cup 2014 qualifyin
8.12 October 2012Cardiff City Stadium, Cairdiff, Wales  Scotland1–12–1
10.6 Februar 2013Liberty Stadium, Swansea, Wales  Austrick1–02–1Friendly
11.26 Mairch 2013Liberty Stadium, Swansea, Wales  Croatie1–01–2World Cup 2014 qualifying
12.5 Mairch 2014Cardiff City Stadium, Cairdiff, Wales  Iceland3–13–1Friendly



    Southampton Academy
    Tottenham Hotspur
  • League Cup: 2009 runner-up

Real Madrid



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