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Europe is geologically an geographically a hauf-island, takkin up the wastrenmaist pairt o Eurasie. It is for ordinar conseedert a continent, that, in this case, is mair a cultural nor a geographic differ. It is bund in the north bi the Airctic Ocean, in the wast bi the Atlantic Ocean, in the sooth bi the Mediterrane Sea an the Black Sea, an in the east bi the Ural Moontains an the Caspian Sea.

Warld cairt shawin the airt o Europe
A satellite composite eemage o Europe
Political cairte o Europe in Scots, shawin kintras and regions
Political cairte o Europe in Scots, shawin kintras and regions

Gin conseedert a continent, Europe is the seicont-wee-est continent in the warld bi area, wi an area o 10,523,000 km²[1] (4,140,625 square mile), sicwice it is mair lairger nor anly Australie. In population it is the thrid-lairgest continent efter Asie an Africae. The population o Europe is aboot 705,500,000: aboot 11% o the warld's population.

Regions in Europe

Main airticle: Regions o Europe

Leids o Europe
Regions o Europe
Europe, 1000 AD.

Sub-diveesions o Europe is gey arbitrar, as nae consensus exists on the sindry defineetions that's proponed. Nae strict geographical conventions exists; this cairt represents, housomiver, the maist widespreid idea o whit kintras constitutes the sindry regions o the continent. Aften the regions includes differin kintras nor them that's on the cairt.

Some kintras haes territory in baith Europe an Asie (Roushie, Kazakhstan, Turkey, Azerbaijan, Georgie). Thair Asie territory is coloured licht pink. Some states that lies haily on the Asie continent is conseedered pairt o Europe acause o cultural an historical raisons (Armenie, Cyprus). Thay are coloured daurk-pink. Azerbaijan's exclave o Nakhchivan is coloured daurk-pink an aw acause it isna a conteenous extension o Azerbaijan's territory.

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