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The Buick Somerset wis a compact coupe produced by General Motors atween 1985 an 1987. Buick haed previously uised the "Somerset" name as a trim-level package on the Buick Regal in the early 1980s.

Buick Somerset

The Somerset wis ane o a number o doun-sized caurs built on GM's N-body. Destined tae replace the Buick Skylark, the Somerset name badge failed tae resonate wi the buyin public. Initially launcht as the Somerset Regal in 1985, the name wis shortened tae Somerset in 1986, when a fower-door sedan version o the caur wis addit unner the Buick Skylark name.

The Somerset did no dae as well in the mercatplace as the Pontiac Grand Am which wis based on the same platform. The Somerset did, housomeivver, hae some interestin features such as an aw-digital instrument cluster an a surprisingly luxurious interior despite its smaw size.

Stairtin in 1988, the Somerset name wis discontinued, an aw models ur cawed Skylark.


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