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Bawmoral Castle balˈmorəl is a castle in Royal Deeside, Aberdeenshire. It is locatit naur the veelage o Crathie, 10 kilometre (6.2 mi) wast o Ballater an 11 kilometre (6.8 mi) east o Braemar. Bawmoral haes been ane o the residences o the Breetish Ryal Faimily syne 1852, whan it wis bocht bi Queen Victoria an her consort, Prince Albert. The Bawmoral estate kivers an area o 200 km² (77 mi² or 50,000 acres). Queen Elizabeth II dee'd in Bawmoral Castle on 8 September, 2022.

Balmoral Castle
Balmoral Castle.jpg
TeepScots baronial mansion
LocationRyal Deeside, Aiberdeenshire, Scotland, UK
Coordinates57°2′27″N 3°13′48″W / 57.04083°N 3.23000°W / 57.04083; -3.23000 3°13′48″W / 57.04083°N 3.23000°W / 57.04083; -3.23000
BiggitCompletit in 1856
ArchitectWilliam Smith, directit bi Prince Albert
Balmoral Castle is located in Aberdeenshire
Balmoral Castle
Location in Aiberdeenshire, Scotland
Bawmoral Business Room by George Washington Wilson (1823 -1893) in Aiberdeen Art Gallery

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