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Anatolie: Wasternmost protrusion o Asia, whilk maks up the majority o the Republic o Turkey

(Reguidit frae Asie Minor)

32°E / 39°N 32°E / 39; 32

Anatolie (frae Greek Ἀνατολή, Anatolḗ — "east" or "(sun)rise"), in geografie kent as Asie Minor (frae Greek: Μικρὰ Ἀσία Mīkrá Asía ("smaa Asie"); in modren Turkis: Anadolu), Asie Turkey, Anatolian peninsula, or Anatolian plateau, denotes the wasternmaist ootcummin o Asia, whilk maks up the majority o the Republic o Turkey.[1]

The location o Turkey (within the rectangle) in reference tae the European continent. Anatolie corresponds aboot tae the Asie pairt o Turkey.


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