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Arjen Robben (Dutch pronunciation: [ˈɑrjən ˈrɔbə(n)] ( listen); 23 Januar 1984) is a Dutch umwhile fitbawer. Robben haes appeared at the 2004, 2008 an 2012 UEFA European Championships, an the 2006, 2010 an 2014 FIFA Warld Cups. He is a forward who uisually plays as a left or richt sidit winger. Robben is kent for his dribblin skills, speed, crossin ability an his accurate left fuit lang-range shots frae the richt wing.

Fark Arjen Robben
Arjen Robben Training 2017-03 FC Bayern Muenchen-3.jpg
Robben trainin wi Bayern Munich in 2017
Personal information
Full nameArjen Robben[1]
Date o birth (1984-01-23) 23 Januar 1984 (age 39)
Place o birthBedum, Netherlands
Hicht1.80 m (5 ft 11 in)[2]
Playin poseetionWinger
Youth career
1989–1996vv Bedum
Senior career*
2007–2009Real Madrid50(13)
2009–2019Bayern Munich201(99)
Naitional team
1999Netherlands U151(1)
1999–2000Netherlands U1611(6)
2000Netherlands U173(2)
2001–2002Netherlands U198(5)
2001–2003Netherlands U218(0)
* Senior club appearances an goals coontit for the domestic league anerly

Robben first came tae prominence wi Groningen, for whom he wis player o the year for the 2000–01 Eredivisie saison. Twa year later he signed for PSV, whaur he became the Netherlands' Young Player o the Year an wan an Eredivisie title.[3] The follaein saison Robben's signatur wis pursued bi leadin Inglis clubs, an efter protractit transfer negotiations he jyned Chelsea in the 2004 close saison.

Robben's Chelsea debut wis delayed throu injury, but upon returnin tae fitness he helpit Chelsea bring hame twa consecutive Premier League titles, an wis the FA Premier League Player of the Month in November 2005.[4][5] Efter a third saison in Ingland which wis punctuatit bi injury, Robben muivit tae Spainyie club Real Madrid for 35 million.In August 2009, Robben transferred tae Bayern Munich for a fee o aroond 25 million,[6] scorin twa goals on his debut. In his first saison in Munich, Bayern wan the league title, Robben's fift league title in aicht years, an Robben scored the winnin goal, bein Man of the Match, in the Champions League feenal an aw. Efter his first saison wi the Bavarie club, the player wis namit Fitbawer o the Year in Germany.[7]

Career statistics

Club statistics

    As o 17 May 2014.[8]


Internaitional statistics

Robben wi Dutch teammate Dirk Kuyt.


Internaitional goals

    Score an result leets Netherlands goals first



    Real Madrid
    Bayern Munich


Robben wi Dirk Kuyt on a boat in Amsterdam follaein the 2010 Warld Cup.



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