South America ek continent hai jon ki North America ke south me hai. Ii duuno continet ke biich me Panama Canal hai. Iske west me Pacific Ocean aur east me Atlantic Ocean hai.

South America
South America (orthographic projection).svg

17,840,000 km2

(6,890,000 sq mi)
Population385,742,554 (2008, 5th)
Pop. density21.4 per km2 (56.0 per sq mi)
DemonymSouth American, American[1]
Countries12 (list of countries)
LanguagesList of languages
Time ZonesUTC-2 to UTC-5
Largest cities
Brazil São Paulo
Argentina Buenos Aires
Brazil Rio de Janeiro
Peru Lima
Colombia Bogotá
Chile Santiago
Brazil Belo Horizonte
Brazil Porto Alegre
Brazil Brasília
Ecuador Guayaquil
Colombia Medellín
Venezuela Caracas
World map showing where South America is

South America ke des hai:

Ii jagah abhi talak Europe ke des ke niche hai:

South America satellite plane.jpg

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