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Satranj (Chess) ek rakam ke board game game hae jiske dui khilarri khele hae. Iske ek sqaure board pe khela jaawe hae jisme 64 chhota chhota square rahe hae aur ek side me aath square rahe hae. Ek khilaarri solah (16) gutti: aath Sipahi (Chess Pawn), dui Ghorraa (Chess Knight), dui ChessBishop, dui Haanthi (Chess Rook), ek Raja (Chess King) aur ek Rani (Chess Queen)) rahe hae. Ii game ke jiite ke khatir ek khilaarri ke virodhi khilaarri ke Raja ke pakrre ke kosis kare ke hae.

A chess set, at the start of the game. In an official chess game, a clock is used because players are given a certain length of time to plan each move.
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Ek khilaarri ke gutti maddhim rang (jaada kar ke ujjar) aur dusra khilaarri ke gutti tej rang (jaise ke karia) rahe hae.


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