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Morocco north Africake ek des hae. Iske official naam Kingdom of Morocco hae.

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Morocco ek constitutional monarchy hae. His Majesty King Muhammad VI, Morocco ke Raja aur head of state hae. Ike Prime Minister Aziz Akhannouch hae.


Morocco ke east me Algeria aur south me Western Sahara hae. Mediterranean Sea Morocco ke north me hae aur Atlantic Ocean west me hae.

Morocco ke jaada hissa Sahara Desert hae aur iske kaaran jaada log coast ke kinare rahe hae. Morocco ke area 446,550 km² hae.

Morocco ke capital city, Rabat hae.

People and culture

Morocco ke abaadi 34,343,219 hae. Morocco ke log ke Moroccans bola jaawe hae aur jaada Moroccans Arabii nai to Berber hae.

Morocco ke official bhasa Arbii hae, lekin dher log Berber bhasa me bhi baat kare hae. Hian pe French me bhi baat karaa jaawe hae kahe ki Morocco pahile ek French colony rahaa.

Jaada Moroccans Islam dharam ke maane hae.

Morocco ke currency dirham (MAD) hae.

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