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This is a Lua implementation of {{navbar}}. It is used in Module:Navbox.

local p = {}local getArgslocal ulfunction p.addItem (mini, full, link, descrip, args, url)local lif url thenl = {'[', '', ']'}elsel = {'[[', '|', ']]'}endul:tag('li'):addClass('nv-'..full):wikitext(l[1] .. link .. l[2]):tag( and 'abbr' or 'span'):attr('title', descrip..' this template'):cssText(args.fontstyle):wikitext( and mini or full):done():wikitext(l[3])endfunction p.brackets (position, c, args, div)if args.brackets thendiv:tag('span'):css('margin-'..position, '-0.125em'):cssText(args.fontstyle):wikitext(c)endendfunction p._navbar(args)local show = {true, true, true, false, false, false}local titleArg = 1if args.collapsible thentitleArg = 2if not args.plain then = 1 endif args.fontcolor thenargs.fontstyle = 'color:' .. args.fontcolor .. ';' = 'float:left; text-align:left'endif args.template thentitleArg = 'template'show = {true, false, false, false, false, false}local index = {t = 2, d = 2, e = 3, h = 4, m = 5, w = 6, talk = 2, edit = 3, hist = 4, move = 5, watch = 6}for k,v in ipairs(require ('Module:TableTools').compressSparseArray(args)) dolocal num = index[v]if num then show[num] = true endendendif args.noedit then show[3] = false endlocal titleText = args[titleArg] or (':' .. mw.getCurrentFrame():getParent():getTitle())local title =, 'Template')if not title thenerror('Invalid title ' .. titleText)endlocal talkpage = title.talkPageTitle and title.talkPageTitle.fullText or ''local div = mw.html.create():tag('div')div:addClass('plainlinks'):addClass('hlist'):addClass('navbar'):cssText( then div:addClass('mini') endif not ( or args.plain) thendiv:tag('span'):css('word-spacing', 0):cssText(args.fontstyle):wikitext(args.text or 'Ii baakas:'):wikitext(' ')endp.brackets('right', '[ ', args, div)ul = div:tag('ul')if show[1] then p.addItem('v', 'view', title.fullText, 'dekho', args) endif show[2] then p.addItem('t', 'talk', talkpage, 'Discuss', args) endif show[3] then p.addItem('e', 'edit', title:fullUrl('action=edit'), 'Edit', args, true) endif show[4] then p.addItem('h', 'hist', title:fullUrl('action=history'), 'History of', args, true) endif show[5] thenlocal move = ('Special:Movepage')p.addItem('m', 'move', move:fullUrl('target='..title.fullText), 'Move', args, true) endif show[6] then p.addItem('w', 'watch', title:fullUrl('action=watch'), 'Watch', args, true) endp.brackets('left', ' ]', args, div)if args.collapsible thendiv:done():tag('div'):css('font-size', '114%'):css('margin', and '0 4em' or '0 7em'):cssText(args.fontstyle):wikitext(args[1])endreturn tostring(div:done())endfunction p.navbar(frame)if not getArgs thengetArgs = require('Module:Arguments').getArgsendreturn p._navbar(getArgs(frame))endreturn p

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