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----------------------------------------------------------------------------------            [[Module:Category handler]] configuration data                  ----       Language-specific parameter names and values can be set here.        ----       For blacklist config, see [[Module:Category handler/blacklist]].     ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------local cfg = {} -- Don't edit this line.----------------------------------------------------------------------------------                       Start configuration data                             --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------                              Parameter names                               ---- These configuration items specify custom parameter names.                  ---- To add one extra name, you can use this format:                            ----                                                                            ---- foo = 'parameter name',                                                    ----                                                                            ---- To add multiple names, you can use this format:                            ----                                                                            ---- foo = {'parameter name 1', 'parameter name 2', 'parameter name 3'},        ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------cfg.parameters = {-- The nocat and categories parameter suppress-- categorisation. They are used with Module:Yesno, and work as follows:---- cfg.nocat:-- Result of yesno()                        Effect-- true                                     Categorisation is suppressed-- false                                    Categorisation is allowed, and--                                          the blacklist check is skipped-- nil                                      Categorisation is allowed---- cfg.categories:-- Result of yesno()                        Effect-- true                                     Categorisation is allowed, and--                                          the blacklist check is skipped-- false                                    Categorisation is suppressed-- nil                                      Categorisation is allowednocat = 'nocat',categories = 'categories',-- The parameter name for the legacy "category2" parameter. This skips the-- blacklist if set to the cfg.category2Yes value, and suppresses-- categorisation if present but equal to anything other than-- cfg.category2Yes or cfg.category2Negative.category2 = 'category2',-- cfg.subpage is the parameter name to specify how to behave on subpages.subpage = 'subpage',-- The parameter for data to return in all namespaces.all = 'all',-- The parameter name for data to return if no data is specified for the-- namespace that is detected.other = 'other',-- The parameter name used to specify a page other than the current page;-- used for testing and demonstration.demopage = 'page',}----------------------------------------------------------------------------------                              Parameter values                              ---- These are set values that can be used with certain parameters. Only one    ---- value can be specified, like this:                                         ----                                                                            ---- = 'value name'                                                     --                                               ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ The following settings are used with the cfg.category2 parameter. Setting-- cfg.category2 to cfg.category2Yes skips the blacklist, and if cfg.category2-- is present but equal to anything other than cfg.category2Yes or-- cfg.category2Negative then it supresses cateogrisation.cfg.category2Yes = 'yes'cfg.category2Negative = '¬'-- The following settings are used with the cfg.subpage parameter.-- cfg.subpageNo is the value to specify to not categorise on subpages;-- cfg.subpageOnly is the value to specify to only categorise on subpages.cfg.subpageNo = 'no'cfg.subpageOnly = 'only'----------------------------------------------------------------------------------                           Default namespaces                               ---- This is a table of namespaces to categorise by default. The keys are the   ---- namespace numbers.                                                         ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------cfg.defaultNamespaces = {[  0] = true, -- main[  6] = true, -- file[ 12] = true, -- help[ 14] = true, -- category[100] = true, -- portal[108] = true, -- book}----------------------------------------------------------------------------------                                Wrappers                                    ---- This is a wrapper template or a list of wrapper templates to be passed to  ---- [[Module:Arguments]].                                                      ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------cfg.wrappers = 'Template:Category handler'----------------------------------------------------------------------------------                           End configuration data                           ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------return cfg -- Don't edit this line.

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