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This person is a Nobel prize winner

Marie Salomea Skłodowska–Curie (7 November 18674 July 1934) ek Polish physicist aur chemist rahii jon ki France me rahat rahii. Uu radioactivity ke field me expert rahii aur khaali ek jan rahii jiske dui science me Nobel Prize mila rahaa. Uu University of Paris ke pahila aurat professor rahii.

Marie Skłodowska–Curie
Born7 November 1867(1867-11-07)
Warsaw, Poland
Died4 July 1934 (aged 66)
Passy, France
FieldPhysics, Chemistry
InstitutionsUniversity of Paris
Alma materUniversity of Paris
Academic advisor  Henri Becquerel
Notable students  André-Louis Debierne
Óscar Moreno
Marguerite Catherine Perey
Known forRadioactivity
Notable prizesNobel Prize in Physics (1903)
Davy Medal (1903)
Matteucci Medal (1904)
Nobel Prize in Chemistry (1911)
The only person to win two Nobel Prizes in different science fields.

Uske janam, Maria Skłodowska ke naam ke niche, Warsaw, Poland me bhaes rahaa, jahan pe uu 24 saalke umar alak rahii. 1891 me uu aapan bahini ke saathe Paris parrhe ke khatir gais rahaa, jahan pe uske uuncha degree mila aur uu jaruri scientific kaam karis rahaa. Uu Paris aur Waraw me Curie Institutes ke suruu karis rahaa. Uske admii Pierre Curie aur uske larrka aur larrki ke bhi Nobel Prize mila rahaa.

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