Lautoka (city), Fiji

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Lautoka, Fiji ke Viti Levu island ke west me ek city hae. Ii city Nadi se 24 kilometres duur, north ke taraf me hae. Iske Sugar City ke naam se bhi jaana jae hae. City ke area 16 square kilometres aur abaadi 71,573 (2017 census) hae.

City of Lautoka
Lau'Toka (Spear Hit)
Lautoka's Central Business District area
Lautoka's Central Business District area
Nickname: Sugar City
Lautoka within Fiji
Lautoka within Fiji
IslandViti Levu
DivisionWestern Division
Population (2017)
 - City71,573
Time zoneGMT +12 hours (UTC)

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