Genghis Khan (c. 1162 - 18 August 1227) ek bahut jaana maana military leader rahaa jon ki Mongol tribes ke ek kar ke Mongol Empire banais rahaa. Uske baad waala khan logan, Mogolia ke dunia ke sab se barraa empire banain rahaa.

Genghis Khan
Dalai Khagan of the Great Mongol State
(Supreme Khan of the Mongols)
King of Kings
Khagan of Khamag Mongol
Lord of the Four Colors and Five Tongues
Son of Khan Tengri
Emperor of All Men
ReignSpring 1206 – August 25, 1227
(more than 21 years)
CoronationSpring 1206 in khurultai at the Onon River, Mongolia
Full name
Cinggis qagan.svg
Genghis Khan
Mongol: Чингис Хаан
Chingis Khaan
Mongol script (right):
Chinggis Khagan[2]
TitlesKhan, Khagan
Temple name: Template:Zh
Posthumous name: Emperor Fatian Qiyun Shengwu
Bornprobably 1162[3]
BirthplaceKhentii Mountains, Mongolia
DiedAugust 1227[4] (Aged 65)
SuccessorÖgedei Khan
ConsortBorte Ujin
Royal HouseBorjigin
Genghis Khan

Genghis Khan, Kublai Khan ke aaja rahaa, jon ki China ke Yuan Dynasty ke pahila raja rahaa.


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