Finnish bhasa ek bhasa hae.

Naam ke bole ke dhang[ˈsuo̯mi]
Spoken in Finland
RegionNorthern Europe
Total speakersabout 6 million
Language familyUralic
  • Finnic
    • Finnish
Writing systemLatin alphabet (Finnish variant)
Official status
Official language in Finland
 European Union
recognised as minority language in:
 Republic of Karelia[2]
Regulated byLanguage Planning Department of the Research Institute for the Languages of Finland
Language codes
ISO 639-1fi
ISO 639-2fin
ISO 639-3fin
Finnish language map, large areas.png


  1. Finnish is one of the Official Minority languages of Sweden
  2. О государственной поддержке карельского, вепсского и финского языков в Республике Карелия

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