Commonwealth Games

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Commonwealth Games, ek games hae jisme Commonwealth of Nations ke sab se achchhaa khilaari dher rakam ke khel me har chaar saal me hissa le hae. Isme algbah 5,000 athletes hissa le hae.

Locations of the games, and participating countries

Ii rakam ke pahila game ke British Empire Games ke naam se jaana jaawat rahaa, aur ii pahila dafe 1930 me khela gais rahaa. 1954 me iske naam badal ke British Empire and Commonwealth Games, 1970 me British Commonwealth Games, lekin 1978 se iske Commonwealth Games ke naam se jaana jaawe hae.

Commonwealth game waala city

Tiin des jisme games sab se jaada dafe bhais hae me hae: Australia (4), Canada (4), aur New Zealand (3). Iske aalwa, paanch dafe ii games, United Kingdom ke bhitar waala des me bhais rahaa. Dui city jise ii game dui dafe bhais hae me hae: Auckland (1950 aur 1990), and Edinburgh (1970 and 1986).

British Empire Games
I1930  Hamilton, Canada16 – 23 August65911400???
II1934  London, England,4 – 11 August66816500???
III1938  Sydney, Australia5 – 12 February77115464
IV1950  Auckland, New Zealand4 – 11 February9881259049595
British Empire and Commonwealth Games
V1954  Vancouver, Canada30 July – 7 August99124662127
VI1958  Cardiff, Wales,18 – 26 July994361122228
VII1962  Perth, Australia22 November – 1 December910435863178
VIII1966Template:Country data JAM Kingston, Jamaica4 – 13 August9110341050266
British Commonwealth Games
IX1970  Edinburgh, Scotland16 – 25 July9121421383361
X1974  Christchurch, New Zealand24 January – 2 February9121381276977299372
Commonwealth Games
XI1978  Edmonton, Canada3 – 12 August10128461474
XII1982  Brisbane, Australia30 September — 9 October10142461583
XIII1986  Edinburgh, Scotland24 July – 2 August10163261662
XIV1990  Auckland, New Zealand24 January – 3 February10204552073
XV1994  Victoria, Canada18 – 28 August10217632557
XVI1998Template:Country data MAS Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia11 – 21 September15213703633
XVII2002  Manchester, England25 July – 4 August171281723679
XVIII2006  Melbourne, Australia15 – 26 March162245714049
XIX2010  Delhi, India3 – 14 October1728573
XX2014  Glasgow, Scotland23 July – 3 August
XXI2018Gold Coast, Australia or Hambantota, Sri LankaTo be decided

1Includes 3 team sports.2Includes 4 team sports

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