Central Bureau of Investigation

Central Bureau of Investigation India mein ek police ka sub division tha aur abhi ek police ka division hai jaha pe alag kisam ke kanuni jankari nikale jate hai.

Central Bureau of Investigation India mein ek police ka sub division tha aur abhi ek police ka division hai jaha pe alag kisam ke kanuni jankari nikale jate hai. Iska dusra naam CBI hai. Picture/Filmo mein inko CBI se Jane jaate hai. Inka founder Dharamnath Prasad Kohli the woh ek Indian police officer the. CBI ke president ya chair person hote hai aur inka headquarters New Delhi mein hai. Subodh Kumar Jaiswal CBI ke current chairperson hai aur 25 March 2021 se kaam kar rahe hai. CBI san 1963 se shuru hua tha. CBI mein log ke tasweer aur naam mile bhi jate hai. CBI aur Interpol ke sambandh jaane jate hai.

Central Bureau of Investigation
केन्द्रीय अन्वेषण ब्यूरो
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Agency overview
Formed1963 by resolution of home ministry
JurisdictionGovernment of India
HeadquartersNew Delhi, India
MottoIndustry, Impartiality, Integrity
उद्यमिता, निष्पक्षता, सत्यनिष्ठा
EmployeesSanctioned: 7274
Actual: 6391
Vacant: 883*
as on 1 Feb 2022[1]
Annual budget911.87 Cr INR(2022-23 est.)[2]
Agency executive
  • Subodh Kumar Jaiswal[3], Director General
Parent departmentDepartment of Personnel and Training
CBI Interpol recent*
CBI Interpol old*

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CBI directors urf pradhaan

Italic: Notable Mentions; *: Important Topic

Shri Dharamnath Prasad Kohli1 April 196331 May 1968
F. V. Arul*31 May 19686 May 1971
D. Sen6 May 197129 March 1977
S. N. Mathur29 March 19772 May 1977
C. V. Narsimhan2 May 197725 November 1977
John Lobo*25 November 197730 June 1979
R. D. Singh30 June 197924 January 1980
J. S. Bajwa24 January 198028 February 1985
M. G. Katre*[4][5]28 February 198531 October 1989
A. P. Mukherjee31 October 198911 January 1990
R. Sekhar11 January 199014 February 1990
Vijay Karan14 February 199014 February 1990
S. K. Datta14 February 199031 July 1993
K. V. R. Rao31 July 199331 July 1996
Joginder Singh31 July 199630 June 1997
R. C. Sharma30 June 199731 January 1998
D. R. Karthikeyan (acting)31 January 199831 March 1998 *
T. N. Mishra31 March 19984 January 1999
R. K. Raghavan *[6]4 January 19991 April 2001
P. C. Sharma1 April 20016 December 2003
U. S. Misra6 December 20036 December 2005
Vijay Shanker Tiwari12 December 200531 July 2008
Ashwani Kumar2 August 200830 November 2010
A. P. Singh30 November 201030 November 2012
Ranjit Sinha3 December 20122 December 2014
Anil Sinha3 December 20142 December 2016
Rakesh Asthana (Special Director) *[6]3 December 201627 July 2021
Alok Verma *[7]1 February 201710 January 2019
M. Nageshwar Rao (interim) *[6]24 October 20181 February 2019
Rishi Kumar Shukla2 February 20192 February 2021
Praveen Sinha (Special Director)*2 February 2021present
Subodh Kumar Jaiswal25 May 2021present


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Pakistan*; United Nations; Mauth 2023 ka suchna*

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