Bhimsen Thapa (Nepali: भीमसेन थापा; August 1775 – 5 August 1839)

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Shree Mukhtiyar General Bhimsen Thapa
Bhimsen Thapa

Bhimsen Thapa, the Mukhtiyar (equivalent to Prime Minister) of Nepal from 1806 to 1837

In office
1806 – 1837
MonarchGirvan Yuddha Bikram Shah Deva
Rajendra Bikram Shah
Preceded byRana Bahadur Shah
as Mukhtiyar
Succeeded byRanajang Pande

Preceded byDamodar Pandey
Succeeded byRana Jang Pandey

JanamAugust 1775(1775-08-00)
Pipal Thok village, Gorkha district, Nepal
Maut5 August 1839 (aged 64)
Bhim-Mukteshowr, Kathmandu, Nepal
Relationsnephew Mathabarsingh Thapa, grandsonJung Bahadur Rana, niece Queen Tripurasundari of Nepal
ChildrenLalita Devi Pande, Janak Kumari Pande, and Dirgha Kumari Pande[1]
DharamHindu, Kshetri
colspan="2" Template:WPMILHIST Infobox style | Military service
AllegianceTemplate:Country data Kingdom of Nepal
Service/branchNepal Army
Battles/warsAnglo-Nepalese War

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