5 March saal ke 64th din hae (65th leap saal me). Saal ke khalaas hoe me 301 din bachaa hae.


  • 1860 – Parma, Tuscany, Modena and Romagna vote in referendums to join the Kingdom of Sardinia.
  • 1868 – A court of impeachment is organized in the United States Senate to hear charges against President Andrew Johnson.
  • 1868 – Mefistofele, an opera by Arrigo Boito receives its première performance at La Scala.
  • 1872 – George Westinghouse patents the air brake.
  • 1894 – Archibald Philip Primrose, 5th Earl of Rosebery becomes First Lord of the Treasury.
  • 1904Nikola Tesla, in Electrical World and Engineer, describes the process of the ball lightning formation.
  • 1912Italian forces are the first to use airships for military purposes, using them for reconnaissance behind Turkish lines.
  • 1933Great Depression: President Franklin D. Roosevelt declares a "bank holiday", closing all U.S. banks and freezing all financial transactions.
  • 1940 – Members of Soviet politburo sign an order for the execution of 25,700 Polish intelligentsia, including 14,700 Polish POWs, known also as the Katyn massacre.
  • 1942 – United States Navy Seabees established.
  • 1943 – First flight of Gloster Meteor jet aircraft in the United Kingdom.
  • 1946Winston Churchill uses the phrase "Iron Curtain" in his speech at Westminster College, Missouri.
  • 1946 – Hungarian Communists and Social Democrats co-found the Left Bloc.
  • 1949 – The Jharkhand Party is founded in India.
  • 1953 – Soviet dictator Joseph Stalin died at age 73.
  • 1958 – The Explorer 2 spacecraft launches and fails to reach Earth orbit.
  • 1960 – The Aquatic Ape Hypothesis originates when Alister Hardy publicly announces his idea that ape-human divergence may have been due to a coastal phase.
  • 1965 – March Intifada: A Leftist uprising erupts in Bahrain against British colonial presence.
  • 1966 – BOAC Flight 911 crashes on Mount Fuji, Japan, killing 124.
  • 1970 – The Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty goes into effect after ratification by 43 nations.
  • 1973 – Donald DeFreeze, the future Symbionese Liberation Army leader, escapes from Vacaville Prison.
  • 1974 – Yom Kippur War: Israeli forces withdraw from the west bank of the Suez Canal.
  • 1975 – First meeting of the Homebrew Computer Club
  • 1978 – The Landsat 3 is launched from Vandenberg Air Force Base in California.
  • 1979 – Soviet probes Venera 11, Venera 12 and the American solar satellite Helios 2 all are hit by "off the scale" gamma rays leading to the discovery of soft gamma repeaters.
  • 1979 – Voyager 1's closest approach to Jupiter, 172,000 miles.
  • 1982 – Venera 14, a Soviet satellite, arrives at the planet Venus.
  • 1984 – 6,000 Miners in the United Kingdom begin their historic strike at Cortonwood Colliery.
  • 1988 – Constitution of Turks and Caicos Islands is restored and revised.
  • 1999 – Paul Okalik is elected first Premier of Nunavut.
  • 2001 – In Mecca, 35 Muslim pilgrims are crushed to death during the annual Hajj pilgrimage.
  • 2003 – In Haifa, 17 Israeli civilians are killed by a Hamas suicide bomb in the Haifa bus 37 massacre.




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