Sira Liɔ̃

Sira Liɔ̃ enye dukɔ si le Afrika ƒe ɣetoɖoƒe kpadzi lɔƒo.

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Sira Liɔ̃ enye dukɔ si le Afrika ƒe ɣetoɖoƒe kpadzi lɔƒo. Edo liƒo kple Liberia le eƒe ɣedzeƒe kpadzi, eye Gini ƒo xlãae tso eƒe ɣedzeƒe lɔƒo vayi eƒe dzigbe. Aƒu si woyɔna be Atlantic Ocean la le eƒe ɣetoɖoƒe lɔƒo. Sierra Leone ƒe dugã enye Freetown, si gɔme enye "ablɔɖe du". Gbe si wogblɔna le dɔwɔƒewo le dua me enye Eŋlisigbe, elabena Eŋlisiawo ɖu wodzi vayi.

Afrika dukɔwo

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