Augusta Henriques

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Augusta Henriques nye ʋiʋlila, nufiala kple dziɖuɖumegã tso Guinea-Bissau, amesi le ƒe 2012 me xɔ Ramsar Tsidzadzawo Takpɔkpɔ ƒe Kafukafu (Dziɖuɖu), [1][2]

Le ƒe 1991 me la, Henriques kpe ɖe habɔbɔ si menye dziɖuɖu tɔ o si nye Tiniguena, si wɔa aʋa ɖe nugbagbe ƒomevi vovovowo ƒe afɔɖeɖe kple nutoa me tɔwo ƒe gomekpɔkpɔ le Guinea-Bissau ŋu. [3] She was also a founding trustee of the Foundation for Education with Production, a charity developed by Patrick van Rensberg.[4] Enye Foundation for Education with Production, si nye dɔmenyohabɔbɔ si Patrick van Rensberg ɖo la hã ƒe nuteƒewɔla si ɖoe anyi.

Henriques nɔ dukɔa teƒe le dukɔwo dome, eye wònye Dukɔwo Dome Dzɔdzɔmenuwo Takpɔha (IUCN) teƒenɔla hã. Ewɔ dɔ le Dukɔa ƒe Sukudede Dɔwɔƒe hã abe Ame Tsitsiwo ƒe Sukudede ƒe Tatɔ ene.[5] She also worked in the Ministry of National Education as Head of Adult Education.[6]


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