Piny nhom

Piny ayï Piny nhom .

🜨 Piny ayï Piny nhom (Pinynhom)[1](kït: 🜨)

Piny nhom
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terrestrial planet, inner planet of the Solar System, geographic region
Part ofEarth-Moon system Cokic
Inception4540 million years BCE Cokic
Name in kanaちきゅう Cokic
Named aftersoil, dirt Cokic
Locationinner Solar System, circumstellar habitable zone, Akeu Cokic
Coordinates of easternmost pointno value Cokic
Coordinates of northernmost point90°0′0″N 0°0′0″E Cokic
Coordinates of southernmost point90°0′0″S 0°0′0″E Cokic
Coordinates of westernmost pointno value Cokic
Highest pointMount Everest, Chimborazo, Mauna Kea Cokic
Lowest pointChallenger Deep Cokic
Studied byearth science, piööckätöupiny, geophysics, planetary science Cokic
Creatorno value Cokic
Catalog code806.4616.0110 Cokic
Parent astronomical bodyAkɔ̈l Cokic
Type of orbitheliocentric orbit Cokic
Dissolved, abolished or demolished dateunknown value Cokic
HashtagEarth Cokic
Flagflag of the Earth Cokic
Has qualityEarth mass, Earth's magnetic field, planetary habitability, geologic activity Cokic
Manifestation ofopen system Cokic
NotationEarth symbol Cokic
Opposite ofsky Cokic
Shapegeoid Cokic
Geography of topicgeography Cokic
History of topichuman history, history of Earth, geological history of Earth Cokic
EpochJ2000.0 Cokic
Demographics of topicdemographics of the world Cokic
WordLift URL Cokic
Stack Exchange tag, Cokic
Unicode character🜨,  Cokic


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