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  1. Klik kanan tetikus di ikon code2000 true type font yang bergambar TT besar
  2. Pilih copy
  3. klik di start
  4. Klik di Settings-Control Panel
  5. Klik di ikon Fonts
  6. Klik kanan tetikus di dalam window itu tetapi jangan atas ikon lain
  7. Pilih paste
  8. Catatan: Jika terdapat jendela window menyatakan bahwa berkas sudah pun ada, cari berkas itu (code2000) dan hapus berkas itu. Kemudian ulangi langkah 6 dan 7


  1. Right click at code2000 icon
  2. Choose copy
  3. Click at start
  4. Click Settings - Control Panel
  5. Click Fonts Icon
  6. Click anywhere in the window except on the other icons
  7. Choose paste
  8. Note: If the windows prompt a message telling that the file already existed, find that file (code2000) and delete it. Repeat step 6th and 7th

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