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  • --[[ This module is intended to provide access to basic string functions.Most of the functions provided here can be invoked with named parameters
  • Returns string.local function italicize(s)assert(type(s) == 'string', 's was not a string')assert(s ~= '', 's was the empty string')return
  • local commentstr = ''-- create the list of known args, and the return stringfor k, v in pairs(args) doif type(k) == 'number' thenv = mw.ustring
  • for other input.local ret = yesno(val, val)if ret and type(ret) ~= 'string' thenret = cfg.pagetypes[namespace]endreturn retendlocal function
  • parameter names will always work. The cfg table-- values can be added as a string, or as an array of strings.local defaultKeys = {'main','talk','other'
  • "mw.ustring.lower(val)" in the-- following line.val = type(val) == 'string' and val:lower() or valif val == nil thenreturn nilelseif val ==
  • [[Module:Yesno]].local pos = string.find(input_string, '/', 1, true);if pos ~= nil thenif string.find(input_string, '/', pos + 1, true) == nil then
  • for i, prop in ipairs(t.styles) do if type(prop) == 'string' then -- added with cssText() table.insert(ret, prop
  • -- Gets the Roman numerals for a given numeral table. Returns both the string of-- numerals and the value of the number after it is finished being processed
  • copy[orig_key] = p.deepcopy( orig_value ); endelse -- number, string, boolean, etc copy = orig end return copyendlocal options_commas
  • we call it.local function tidyValDefault(key, val)if type(val) == 'string' thenval = val:match('^%s*(.-)%s*$')if val == '' thenreturn nil
  • 'table')checkType('affixNums', 2, prefix, 'string', true)checkType('affixNums', 3, suffix, 'string', true)local function cleanPattern(s)--
  • алфавиту]]', j and string.format('[[Category:%s %i %s]]',catpref[mo],j,monthg[m]) or '', y and string.format('[[Category:%s в %s]]'
  • possible fields, a "prefix" string and a "depend" table. The function always parses -- parameters containing the "prefix" string, but only parses parameters
  • parse selectors and filter statements Input: statements table, selector string Output: filtered statements table]]function p.filter( allClaims, propertySelector
  • thenargs.lat_deg = string.match( lat, '%d+°' );args.lat_min = string.match( lat, '%d+\'' );args.lat_sec = string.match( lat, '[0-9%.]+"'
  • arg = (tonumber( arg ) % 1 == 0 or not bool) and string.format( "%02d", arg ) or string.format( "%02d,%.0f", arg, arg % 1 * 100)return arg
  • parameter names (unnumbered versions only)-- Specify each as either a single string, or a table of strings (aliases)-- Aliases are checked left-to-right
  • names.local function checkValue(value, default)if type(value) == 'string' thenreturn valueelsereturn defaultendendlocal nsHeader

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